Anglers Camp Hooks Kids On Joy Of Fishing

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
About a dozen kids aged 12 and under attended the First Annual Jr. Angler’s Camp, Saturday, July 14, at Angler’s Port Marine. The free event began at 10 AM when participants and their adult escorts divided up into four groups and visited professionally manned stations to get crappie fishing tips, practice casting, find out about species identification and responsible boating. Each child was given a large goody bag for holding handouts from each station including fishing lures, sunglass floaters, Frisbees and pamphlets from each station. At the conclusion of presentations in the air conditioned showroom and shaded porch, attendees were treated to hamburgers, hot dogs, and a variety of drinks.  
Corey Grace, from Raymore, Missouri, and her three children enjoyed attending the event, and getting some fishing tips and information. She and her family have a camper near Truman Lake and fish at Long Shoal Marina a couple of times a month. 
 “This is the First Annual Jr. Angler’s Camp,” said Don Schlesselman, Marketing Director at Angler’s Port Marine. “We hope to ramp it up in the future.”
The Missouri Water Patrol, Green Machine, Lost Valley Fish Hatchery and Kids Fishing Education made presentations during the camp eliciting a lot of interest and questions from adult guests as well as children. 
Emily and Dillon Stocking, from Kids Fishing Education, sponsored the casting booth where children took turns trying to cast rod and reels in a long straight line. There were many successes, and a few lines that banged their lures on the roof of the porch where casting took place. Ther  e were also a lot of laughs generated from the trials. 
State Trooper Baughman had a Missouri State Highway Patrol boat on display that he uses on Truman Lake while enforcing regulations, doing safety inspections, towing boaters who have lost power, and investigating boating accidents. He demonstrated a couple of different types of life jackets, stressing the importance of wearing them, and told his listeners that all children under seven have to wear one. He also talked about protective clothing he wears in and out of the water while working in law enforcement. He told his audiences that he also has authority on the highways where he recently stopped a speeding vehicle whose occupants were in possession of an unlawful drug. 
Lesly Conaway, Aquaculture Visitor Center Manager, at the Lost Valley Fish Hatchery, talked to small groups about the Sturgeon, and brought an aquarium with fish samples. She handed out informational phamplets including “Know Your Catch,” that a fisherman can look at to identify fish that are caught locally. She was asked if the Fish Hatchery raised Crappie, and she said that it didn’t because that breed of fish can spawn well on its own. She said that the Sturgeons in Truman Lake are liked for their eggs (caviar), but their bodies are not very tasty.
Jackie and Holly Linton, a husband and wife professional crappie fishing team with a lime green Phoenix 919 that is hard to miss, gave children useful advice to remember when crappie fishing. 
“If Crappies are in muddy water, use bright colored bait,” said Holly Linton. “But, if you are fishing in clear water, use silver (like a minnow) or brown bait. Crappies like to hang out together, and can be stacked vertically with one crappie under another.”
The Lintons have been participating in Crappie Masters tournaments since 2014 and had many winners plaques on display at their booth. They are currently sponsored by Angler’s Port Marine, Phoenix Boats, Mercury Marine, ACC Crappie Stix, Crappieholic, Lake Fork Trophy Lures, Rod Sox, Rushpile Jigs, Gates Custom Jigs, K & J Chevrolet and Boatworks.
Klaus Fink, owner of Angler’s Port Marine, said that his business supports the community in many ways, including the Bow Fishing Tournament in August; Fishing for Freedom in October: Women On The Water Workshop, in the fall; Truman Lake Crappie tournaments; Cheerleaders; and participates with funding and in parades during Jubilee Days, and Christmas events.
“We support veterans in many ways and one of the big events we are involved in is Fishing for Freedom,” said Fink. “We invite American Warriors who serve, or have served in wars on terrorism from Desert Shield/Desert Storm on up, to celebrate our freedom that they have provided, by spending a weekend on the Lake fishing with some of the best bass anglers in the country. The community prepares for this event well in advance, providing free lodging, dinners, and the use of fishing equipment. All types of military personnel participate and get a lot out of talking to each other about their experiences.”
Fink said that Angler’s Port Marine has been at its present location, 13979 Hwy 7, for ten years. Before that time it was located on Hwy 65 south of Warsaw.