Animal Shelter Gets A Boost

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
For those who feel saddened and helpless after headlines about animal abuse, take heart. There is a way to take positive action to help rescued animals in the area through donations to the Clinton Animal Shelter. Lynn Wood, J&D Pharmacy employee and former Humane Society volunteer, is planning a supply drive for the Shelter, to take place October 7-11. Wood’s personal goal is to collect 100 gallons of unscented bleach, plus many other necessities for the Shelter. A collection box will be placed outside of J&D Pharmacy beginning next week.
“I used to donate to the Sedalia Animal Shelter,” said Wood. “But, they now have a beautiful facility and I have turned my attention to the Clinton Animal Shelter that can always use help. People need to step up. Donations of bleach, paper towels, laundry soap, Purina cat food, leashes, disinfectant and stainless bowls are always useful, plus the shelter will take other items that a donor thinks it will need. Many of these items are available at Dollar Tree in Warsaw. Just think – if 100 people could donate $2 each or spend that much on doggie treats or other supplies, what a big help it would be!”
“Our most immediate needs at the shelter are bleach and laundry detergent,” said shelter worker/volunteer Pam Stocking, who said that there are presently 25 to 28 dogs and 60 cats in the facility.
Wood named a few businesses that have already donated supplies or money for the cause including J&D Pharmacy, Tracy’s Discount, Little Bit of Everything, and Warsaw veterinarians Dr. Anstaett and Dr. Alcantara. She said she even hit up her physician for $20. 
As a pet owner and animal enthusiast, Wood said that pet owners also need to be aware of the importance of spaying and neutering their animals. reports that spaying and neutering pets has a positive affect on their long-term lives. It also keeps male pets from roaming away from home, getting into fights and contributing to the overpopulation of stray animals. 
The Clinton Animal Shelter was launched in 2007, and is run by the Clinton Animal Rescue Endevor (CARE). The shelter accepts animals through the Clinton Animal Control, and is a no-kill shelter. states that the shelter operates mainly on the dedication of volunteers and donations. Volunteers care for the shelter pets with quality food and twice-daily exercise as well as clean beds and toys and daily sanitation of the pens and surrounding areas. With comprehensive preventative health care, microchipping and spay/neuter program, the animals are adoption ready at all times.