Army Recruiters WOW WHS Students

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
U.S. Army recruiters are trying “outside-the-box” strategies to reach young people. Many men and women considering a military career associate the Army with dangerous missions, but there are many other elements involved in serving, including technology. U.S. Army recruiters from Sedalia, Sergeant First Class Mortimore, and Sergeant First Class (SFC) McConaha, visited Warsaw High School February 12, with iRobot 510 Packlot in hand, to demonstrate how it is used by Army personnel to disarm or move explosives from one location to another.
“This is a multi-mission robot that is used for surveillance and reconnaissance, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection,” said SFC Colmon from the U.S. Army Recruiting Office in Sedalia. “It can perform these tasks without risking human life.”
Students, faculty and staff on break or at lunch were able to see first-hand how the robot can be radio-controlled with transmissions from a laptop computer.  SFC Colmon said that it demonstrated how to move, maneuver through obstacles and pick up objects. He said that this is an older model of the iRobot, because newer ones are being used for genuine dangerous mission-threat scenarios.
U.S. Army recruiters visit Warsaw High School once or twice a month during the lunch-time breaks, for visibility purposes and be on hand to answer questions from potential recruits and other students. SFC Colmon said that they visit other high schools covered by the Sedalia office, including Cole Camp High School that has already had the opportunity to see the iRobot. SFC Colmon said that three young people have been recruited from Warsaw during the last five years.
The New York Times online site reported last fall that because of the booming economy, the U.S. Army fell short by thousands on its recruiting goal. In addition, more than two-thirds of young adults do not qualify for the military due to poor physical fitness and other issues such as drug abuse. So, recruiters are trying to reach eligible people through creative strategies, and there are now more waivers for past drug abuse. SFC Colmon said that the Sedalia Recruiting Office is on track to meet its current recruiting goals.
The U.S. Army Recruiting Office in Sedalia is located at 1400 S. Limit Ave., Suite 27. Its contact number is 660-826-8355.