Arrowhead Lake Estates Abuzz With Improvement

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Arrowhead Lake Estates is a community in Edwards with 620 owners, 113 whom are in residence. Its Homeowner Association (HOA) was established in 1963, and a new board believes that after 57 years, the neighborhood needs a new facelift.
Many lovely, maintained homes are situated in Arrowhead, but other residences are highly neglected, and set apart in an area that is uninviting to say the least. Roads are usually graded every summer, but so many people are not paying their HOA dues, there is little money to take care of pot holes and other damage done by winter weather and heavy rains. New Board President Jim Cummings believes that if residents become more interested in community, then more will pay their dues, and he is taking action to improve not only the looks of the area, but is planning social activities and working with another Board member, Tony Webber who is planning many fundraisers.
“Webber is in charge of the Ways and Means Committee,” said Cummings. “He is full of ideas and has already had two garage sales; one at the end of August and one on Labor Day weekend. We have begun having Friday night movies in one of our parks that has a shelter and picnic tables, and we are planning to have a Chili Cookout and a Trunk or Treat event. We also want to have a Spoonbill Tournament and Poker Run in the future.”
Cummings has been traveling from his Kansas City home to visit his Dad in Arrowhead for 15 to 20 years. He recently bought a house near his Dad’s that he is renovating for his family to stay in during their visits.  He didn’t seek the position as Board President, but when asked to consider it he took the challenge.
“One of the issues is that homeowners don’t all communicate with each other, and when you don’t keep in touch, crime can take place without anyone knowing it,” said Cummings. “We keep in touch with Sheriff Eric Knox now and let him know if we are aware of anything that needs his attention. Of course, the biggest problem right now is that one property owner has bought multiple lots with unsuitable houses on them and is giving people who can’t get credit to buy the houses the ability to ‘Lease to own’ them by just paying him a few hundred a month. Those leasing the homes live in them without running water, electricity or bathroom plumbing, which of course is a blight in the neighborhood. Eventually, some of these house habitants stop paying their monthly lease fees and are evicted. The owner of the lots then leases to someone else who is willing to live in these rather uninhabitable residences.”
Cummings said that he has talked to the Benton County Health Department about these unhealthy habitats, but there is apparently nothing the Department can do about it. 
Charlotte Simmons, past HOA President, said that Cummings and Webber are so good about getting people involved in the community. She said that the two men are excited about getting a road grader for Arrowhead so roads can be more maintained. Simmons said that in the past, after the yearly road grading, home owners with their own tractors and blades would help take care of the roads, and that a pile of gravel was even dumped in one man’s yard so he could scoop it up and fill in potholes when necessary.
“Our roads are better than they used to be, but they are not perfect,” said Cummings. “But, there is a buzz in the neighborhood and we are taking on more projects.”