Auditor Awards ‘Clean Opinion’ To Warsaw’s 2018 Operations

Homer May
County Reporter
In early session of Warsaw’s Board of Aldermen, Monday eve, KPM
CPA Auditor Johnathan Cummings gave a “clean,” or unmodified opinion, of his audit of the City’s fiscal year 2018 operations. He noted that revenues were down that year, but expenses were down “quite a bit more; the City is changing for the good.” However, he commented there is a “shortage of people involved in financial transactions,” but added this separation of financial duties is common for small cities with limited finances. “You can’t hire a number of people to work three hour weeks,” he concluded.
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Aldermen Rob Coskey, Lou Breshears, Eric Masoner, Terry Marshall Sr., Eric Flores present.
Alderman Adam Howe was absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided, City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First business of the group was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of the City’s July 8 meeting, then agree to pay bills presented.
Under new business, Aldermen discussed a proposed ordinance revising Warsaw Municipal Code relating to medical marijuana. Mayor Simons mentioned he recently attended a training session in Jefferson City relating to passage of a state law on this matter, and he believed, as a first order of business, the City will need to decide where it will allow medical marijuana to be sold. He added that decisions should be made by the City by the end of August, and that, since Sedalia will likely operate such a dispensary, Warsaw may not be authorized to operate one. He also believed a public hearing on the matter would be good. The proposal was not acted on that evening.
Also in new business, the group received a bid from Bruce Woods for demolition of structures on two City owned nuisance properties: $6,500 to demolish a house on one; and $1,250 to demolish a trailer on the 2nd property. Aldermen accepted that bid. One property is located on Jefferson St., the other on Main St.
Another new matter, relating to the Fire Department building, was moved to a closed session that evening. Reports were received from departments, boards and commissions, without comment. The open session closed about 6:35 PM to go into executive session. Visitors are welcome at the open meetings, usually held on 1st and 3rd Monday eves.
But check with City Hall (Ph: 660-438-5522) for updated information.