Benton County Voters Hit Polls Amid COVID-19 Surge

Homer May
County Reporter
About 8:40 PM Tuesday, the Benton County Clerk’s office furnished unofficial results of  Aug. 4 Primary votes cast for County and state offices, plus a constitutional amendment question. A staff member in that Office thought the large numbers of absentee votes cast might be due to citizen fears about the Covid-19 virus, amidst large crowds at polling sites. Abbreviations used below are: Green Party (GRN), Constitution Party (CON), Libertarian Party (LIB), Democratic Party (DEM), Republican Party (REP). If no Party candidate was running for an office, that party is not listed. 
For Governor: GRN Jerome Bauer 2, LIB Rik Combs 11, DEM Nicole Galloway 690, Jimmie Matthews 57, Antoin Johnson 15, Eric Morrison 48, Robin Van Quaethem 16, REP Raleigh Ritter 130, Mike Parson 2,529, James Neely 409, Saundra McDowell 386. For Lt. Governor: GRN Kelley Dragoo 1, LIB Bill Blantz 10, DEM Gregory Upchurch 249, Alissia Canady 549, REP Arnie Dienoff 166, Mike Kehoe 1,861, Aaron Wisdom 274, Mike Carter 817. 
For Sec. of State: GRN Paul Lehmann 1, CON Paul Venable 2, LIB Carl Freese 10, DEM Yinka Faleti 727, REP John Ashcroft 3,136. For State Treasurer: GRN Joseph Civettini 1, LIB Nick Kasoff 11, DEM Vicki Englund 750, REP Scott Fitzpatrick 2,996. 
For Attorney General: LIB Kevin Babcock 11, DEM Rich Finneran 464, Elad Gross 330, REP Eric Schmitt 3,058. For U.S. Representative, Dist. 4: LIB Robert Smith 4, Steven Koonse  6, DEM Lindsey Simmons 735, REP Neal Gist 810, Vicky Hartzler 2,573. 
For State Representative, District 57: REP Roger Reedy 1,442. For State Representative, District 125: REP Jim Kalberloh 910, Nick Allison 757. 
For North District Commissioner: (REP) Scott Harms 1,618. For South District Commissioner: DEM John Spry 422, REP David Malecki 507, Rodney Johnson 468, Larry Berry 618.
For Sheriff: REP Glen Spencer 900, Eric Knox 2,557. For Assessor: REP Jim Hansen 3,031. For Coroner: REP Weston Miller 3,056. For Surveyor: REP Jesse Wininger 2,995. For Public Administrator: REP Lori Dunkin 2,938. Constitutional Amendment No. 2, relating to Medicaid Expansion in MO: Yes 1,514, NO 2,827.