Benton County Votes Under Unprecedented Circumstances

Homer May
County Reporter
 Benton County Clerk Susan Porterfield remarked Monday AM that her office has seen a large absentee voting turnout, for the June 2 General Municipal Election here. “I guess people don’t want to vote in person at polling booths, because of concerns about the pandemic,” she said.  Following are unofficial results of the June 2 Benton County municipal elections, as furnished by Porterfield about 8:15 PM that date. Races with no contestants are not reported. Write-ins are listed, if voted:
For Director, Osage Valley Fire District (no announced candidate) 3 . For Board Member Brandon Special Road District, 3 yrs. (no announced candidate) 9. City of Lincoln (2 yrs. for all city offices): for Mayor, John King 62, write-in 3 . For East Ward Alderman (no announced candidate), write-in 7.  For West Ward Alderman, Janice Swearngin 19, write-in 4. City of Cole Camp: for Mayor, Burton Bormann 131, Robert Meuschke 104. For Alderman East Ward, Greg Ives 104, write-in 1 . For Alderman West Ward, Wayne Karman 76, Colleen Murphy 39. Shall Cole Camp extend current transportation tax? Yes 97. No 35. City of Warsaw: For Mayor, Eddie Simons 173, 9 write-ins. For Alderman Ward 1, Rob Coskey 66. For Alderman Ward 2, Terry Marshall Sr. 45, 1 write-in. For Alderman Ward 3, Adam Howe 54, 3 write-ins.
For the Junior College District, Sedalia, to elect 2 trustees, 6 yrs., Justin Hubbs 528, Richard Parker 543, Christopher Paszkiewicz 158, Yvonne Clark 465, WyAnn Lipps 209, write-in 10. Lincoln RII School District, to choose 3 Directors, 3 yrs.: Shannon Ebeling 109, Kyle Eichler 131, Dusty Koll 124 , Susyn Sanders 118, write-in 4. Henry County RI School District School Betterment Fund, Yes 17, No 0.
For 3 directors of the Henry County R-I School District, 3 yrs.: Jake Drenon 14, Mark Rains 2, Kathlene Brown 8, Christopher Collins 4, Michael Daugherty 6, Jason Heany 15.  For 3 directors of the Warsaw R-IX School District, 3 yrs.: Tracey Spry 374, Drew Burdick 260, Mac Vorce 325, Amie Breshears 516, Leslie Grace 401, Reba Slavens 346, 4 write-ins. For 3 members of the Climax Springs Board of Education, 3 yrs.: Adam Roberts 2, Joshua Wolfe 3, Daniel Mauss 2, Shannon Hodges 1. Osceola Public School of St. Clair County, choose 3 Directors, 3 yrs.: David Gover 0. Lucinda Wisner 0. Kim Wheeler 0. Shall the Osceola School District be authorized to make permanent the existing operating tax levy?: Yes 0, No 0.