Blueprint For New Jail Presented To Commissioners

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
 A meeting was conducted to discuss the proposed jail facility at the December 12 meeting of the Benton County Commission.  A blueprint was presented of the proposed building and discussion was given to phases of the construction process.  Those in attendance included HMN Architects representatives Adam Kuehl and Shawn Harding, L. J. Hart Company representatives Larry Hart and Courtney Wegman, Jail Committee representatives Mark Richerson, Kathy Bruner, Bob Berkhoff, Rod Brethower, Jason Shackles, Sheriff Eric Knox and Captain Jeff Canfield.
 Representatives from the MU Extnesion Office met with Commissioners to present their 2018 budget request.  Those in attendance were Livestock Specialist Gene Schmitz, Nutrition Specialist Tammy Culpepper and Extension Council Chairman Rod Brethower.
 Sheriff Knox reported to the Commissioners that the previously awarded Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) has been delayed, pending litigation and at this time, it is unclear when funds will be available.  This grant funding was to be used for the purchase of bullet-proof vests for deputies.  Review of budget expenditures will be conducted to determine payment of this expense.
County Treasurer Rick Renno gave his weekly financial report, noting that sales tax revenues are up.  County Clerk Susan Porterfield submitted bills for approval and payment.