BOOM! The Big Warsaw Fireworks Show Is A Go!

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously on Monday night (June 15) to go forward with July 4th fireworks at Drake Harbor. The City of Warsaw and the chamber are sponsoring the event jointly and have split the $10,000 cost of fireworks fifty/fifty.
“The event will begin at 5 PM so those who want to bring their dinner to the Harbor can eat while they wait for the fireworks that begin after dark,” said Nancy LaBonte, Executive Director of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. “There will be parking on one side of Harrison Street, and special parking in the lot next to the community building where there is a lower level entrance. The special parking is for those who are disabled or don’t feel comfortable walking to the harbor because of their age.”
LaBonte said that the weather will be nice, and there is plenty of space to spread out for social distancing. There will be signage to remind people about ways to remain safe among the crowd.
“We will be spread out at Drake Harbor from White Park to the bridge,” said LaBonte. “There are also places such as the Hwy 65 overpass, and the parking lot at Country Mart where the fireworks can be seen. We were originally going to close the Harbor for the evening, but decided to leave it open. That way, some can watch the excitement from their boats.”
LaBonte said that the event is usually held at Truman Dam, but last year and this year it has not been possible because the Dam was and is undergoing maintenance. The Chamber had originally picked another spot along the Osage river for fireworks, but found that there was an eagle’s nest in that location.  So, Drake Harbor it is!
“Last year there were thousands of people attending the fireworks,” said LaBonte. “This year, I just don’t know what to expect because some people might not feel safe to be part of a crowd.”
LaBonte said that the community has always been generous with donations to help share the cost of the fireworks, and that anyone who wishes to donate this year may do so by dropping money in one of the cans around the city, or can call the chamber or email.
City Clerk Jessie Kendall was asked what she thought about the plan for a fireworks display and she said “Fireworks are on! It’s on!”