City Agrees To Cancel Jubilee Days

Homer May
County Reporter
Under new business Monday eve, Warsaw Aldermen agreed that recent expiration of an order closing the City’s boat ramps will be allowed to stand, with hopes there will be no issues with social distancing. On a related note, Aldermen also agreed with the Jubilee Days Committee decision, NOT to allow the Jubilee Days event this year due to social distancing rules imposed by the Governor. They will   allow the Queen Contest to take place as in former years, with the expectation that social distancing will be followed by contestants if still in place.  
The meeting opened at 6 PM May 4, with Aldermen Terry Marshall Sr., Lou Breshears, Rob Coskey, Eric Masoner, Adam Howe, Eric Flores present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First business conducted was to approve the evening’s agenda, plus minutes of the group’s April 20 meeting, then agree to pay bills presented.
Also under new business, Aldermen approved a three year $2,650 per year contract with Shane Spry, for cutting and removal of hay from the City’s Municipal Airport and Industrial Park. The contract is unchanged from the previous contract with Spry. Lastly under new business, the group approved a contract with Son Equity Pest Management, Sedalia, for spraying City buildings, Parks concessions and restrooms, trees, mosquitoes and Boardwalk, at varying frequencies and dollar amounts.
In late session, Aldermen approved a 5:30 PM May 14 caravan which will wend its way around town, honoring high school seniors. The open session closed about 6:30 PM, then went into executive session. Visitors to the open meetings of this group are usually encouraged, but presently are not, due to the Covid-19 epidemic.