City Board Discusses Delinquent Licenses

Homer May
County Reporter
The regular meeting of the Warsaw City Board was preceded by a 15 minute public hearing to allow owners with delinquent business licenses to discuss their situations. There were five such businesses. Two were said to have a change of business name. No owner attended, but City Clerk Jessica Kendall expressed confidence that owners would be in the next morning to take care of the delinquencies.   
The session opened at 6 PM, with Aldermen Adam Howe, Lou Breshears, Rob Coskey, Terry Marshall Sr., Eric Masoner present. Alderman Eric Flores was absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided, City Clerk Kendall recorded. First business was to approve the evening’s agenda and Aug. 19 council minutes, then agree to pay bills presented.
Under new business, the group declined to close part of State Street on Oct. 5, which had been requested by nearby property owner Rusty Johnson for an auction to be held that date. Aldermen then discussed statements received that eve from Police Chief Jason Wenberg, who said that, of his Department’s five vehicles, two were of limited value because of their maintenance costs. He mentioned that the Department has ordered a 2020 Ford Explorer patrol car, but the vehicle had not been delivered.  He added that two surplus late model Highway Patrol cars were available, and requested guidance on the matter.  Aldermen decided to purchase one of the two surplus HP cars, and to try to void the purchase of the 2020 vehicle, then purchase the second HP car, for dollars similar to funds already budgeted.
Next discussed was the traditional Christmas dinner for City employees and other guests. Noted was that costs per guest keep going up each year. Aldermen decided to further explore its options, before making a decision for this year.
The group received two bids for sheet rock work at what was the UMB Bank’s Main St. bldg., and soon to be the City’s offices. Aldermen accepted the low bid of $3,000, from Kevin Holt. City Planner Randy Pogue discussed RTP Trail Project bids, saying recent state personnel changes have delayed bids. The matter should reappear at next meeting of this group.
In late action, Aldermen approved expenditure of $20,637 to replace 10 windows at the Community Bldg., although only $13,000 was budgeted. The group did not seem to want to deal with the issue in future business. City Administrator Randy Pogue reported the City’s new website is now up and running, and asked for input from Aldermen.
In last action before going into executive session about 6:45 PM, the group agreed to discuss an ordinance related to medical marijuana, at its next meeting. Visitors are welcome at this group’s open sessions, but check first with City hall (Ph: 660-438-5522) for updated information.