Cole Camp Approves ‘Open Containers’ During ‘Gardens’ Festival

Homer May
County Reporter
 In early session June 20, City Aldermen heard Joyce Schlesselman and Lisa Balke, representing the City’s Chamber of Commerce, discuss a June 29  “Booze N Bluegrass in the Gardens” festival. They requested that the City allow patrons to travel between two nearby wineries on Olive St., that date, with open containers of alcohol. After some debate, Aldermen approved their request, but said patrons cannot be on Hwy. 52 with open containers. Some dissatisfaction about restrictive language in catering and picnic license applications was expressed by Police Chief Stephen Phillips. The group promised it would address that issue in 2020.  Aldermen also shifted the responsibility for liquor license approvals from the Police Chief to City Clerk Ami Dieckman.
The City’s monthly meeting opened at 7 PM, with a planned public hearing on a voluntary proposal to annex property at 27636 E. Hwy. 52, but no proponent attended; so decision on the matter was moved to the regular session. Aldermen Greg Ives, Robert Meuschke, Wayne Karman, Jeremy Pirtle were present. Mayor Burton Bormann presided, City Clerk Dieckman recorded. First business conducted was to approve corrected minutes of the May meeting and the evening’s agenda, then okay payment of bills presented. Financials were received from the City Clerk, without comment.
Under new business, the group heard a proposal by Police Chief Phillips for a dog ban during the upcoming Cole Camp Fair. Aldermen asked the Chief how many complaints about dogs his Department usually receives, during an average Fair. He replied “one or two,” and the group, thinking a ban might create some public animosity, took no action on the matter. Aldermen then took up the annexation request which had been the subject of the public hearing. The group approved the request, subject to receipt from owners of a more accurate description of the property to be annexed; also approved MECO Engineering to do a study on a City sewer extension on that property.
Mayor Bormann asked when the City will start asphalting City streets, and expressed a hope it would not be done during the Cole Camp Fair. PW Director Klark Bohling responded that work has been started.  City Clerk Dieckman suggested that the City renew its membership in the KBRPC, with a minimal per capita charge, and Public Works Director Klark Bohling continuing to be its representative. The group did so. Chief Phillips reported his Department has been pretty busy lately.
The open meeting concluded about 8 PM, and went into executive session. The open meetings are usually held on 3rd Thursday eves at 7 PM. Visitors are welcome, but please check with City Hall (Ph:660-668-4444) for the latest information.