Cole Camp Approves 5% Pay Raise

Homer May
County Reporter
Under new business, Thursday evening December. 21, Cole Camp City Board approved a 2018 salary raise, averaging about five percent for City employees, while also approving the City’s 2018 budget. Other than salary increases, that budget was said to be similar to its 2017 budget. One Alderman expressed concern about the size of the pay increase (2% being the federal standard for 2018 COLAs), but was assured that since City employees had seen no recent raises, and since no future raise is guaranteed, there could be no certainty of future raises. 
 The meeting opened at 7 PM, with Alderpersons Earlene Oglevie, Wayne Karman, Eric Hoke, Bob Meuschke present. Mayor Burton Bormann presided; City Clerk Ami Dieckman recorded. First actions by this group were to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of its Nov. meeting and a subsequent closed session, then agree to pay bills presented.
Under old business, the group discussed a bid received for a library remodeling project, but took no action since they decided they needed to further research the project. They approved a $7,700 audit contract with DSWA Certified Public Accountants for a 2017 audit and the next five years; with slight increases in costs in each succeeding year. The City has used DSWA audit services for 10 plus years. The group then voted to accept an employee insurance renewal option with a health benefits savings plan costing about $38,288; a projected $3,000 savings for the City, with potential cost savings for employees who opt into the program.
 Under new business, the group okayed a $25 expenditure to renew membership in the Missouri Rural Services Workers’ Compensation Insurance Trust.
In late session, Mayor Bormann reported a recent budget meeting went well. Police Chief Stephen Phillips furnished reports of Department activities in Nov. and Dec. to date. He also said he was not too serious in investigating a recent report of “tall grass, received at midnight.” He reported business as usual for the season. Public Works Director Klark Boling stated that recent assistance furnished by Whiteman AFB volunteers in assembling playground equipment was very helpful. “One more day of assembly should finish the job.” He added that parts for the new water tower switch are in.
The meeting closed about 8:15 PM to go into executive session on a court case. Holiday greetings were in the air as the meeting closed. The open sessions are usually held on 3rd Thursday evenings; visitors are welcome.