Cole Camp Fair Is A Grand Fest

Tyler Simons
Enterprise Staff
Rain or shine, the Cole Camp Fair was bound and determined to go on as planned for its final day on Saturday, September 8, 2018.
Although the raining lead to the canceling of the Saturday morning parade, plenty of activities still went on, providing entertainment for all.
Just a few of these events included a turtle race, tractor pull and a ring toss for younger children starting at 1:15 PM.
Following those were a frisbee throw contest, team plank walking and water balloon toss for the older kids in attendance.
Despite the dreary, gray weather, the turnout for the fair was fantastic. Children and adults alike were in great moods and enjoying the event, umbrellas, and raincoats in hand. 
All of the carnival rides except the kid’s roller coaster were up and running, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrilling experience they were built to produce. 
The car show scheduled for Saturday still went on. However, no judging was done, once again on account of the weather.
Also held on Saturday was the Cole Camp Fair 35th Annual 5K Run/ 2MI Walk, hosted by Mellisa Gudde. 
32 runners were registered for this event along with 129 registered walkers.
The official results determined that Katie Swanson received first in the female category with a time of 25 minutes 35 seconds, second place being Krista Poe with 26 minutes 25 seconds and Brittany Pritchard following right behind her with 26 minutes 50 seconds.
In the men’s category, Brendan Campbell received first place and the best overall time in the race, completing it in just 19 minutes and 31 seconds. Second place and not far behind was Kent Lang in 19 minutes 59 seconds, followed by Gage Burnam in third with a time of 20 minutes and 47 seconds.
All in all, the Cole Camp Fair produced a fantastic turnout, bringing friends and family together to enjoy a time they’ll never forget. Next year’s fair couldn’t come soon enough.