Cole Camp Forbids Interference By Alderman

Homer May
County Reporter
In new business, Thursday eve Sep. 19, Cole Camp Aldermen approved an ordinance which forbids its Aldermen to interfere with actions of City employees. The intent of this ordinance was to prevent Aldermen from possibly giving conflicting guidance. Passage of the statute was not unanimous; one Alderman thought the City already had sufficient authority to curb such interference. But, since the wording of the statute had been prepared by City Attorney Gary Cover, Aldermen may have been persuaded by his legal expertise. City Clerk Ami Dieckman said copies of the ordinance will be made available to the public.
The meeting opened at 7 PM, with Aldermen Greg Ives, Wayne Karman, Robert Meuschke, Jeremy Pirtle present. Mayor Burton Bormann presided; City Clerk Dieckman recorded. First business conducted was to approve minutes of several previous sessions and   okay payment of bills presented. Financial information was provided by the City Clerk.
In early session, City Resident David Massingill complained about an occasional but long-standing sewer backup problem in his house, because of an unsatisfactory sewer hookup with City lines. Public Works Director Klarke Bohling assured Massingill that he would soon get an engineer to study, and hopefully solve, the problem.
Also under new business, the group discussed police policy and procedures, then heard reports from the Mayor, Department heads and others. Mayor Bormann expressed appreciation for Board actions during the City’s resurfacing project, which he said should be completed within a couple of weeks. City Clerk Dieckman reported her office lost its big printer, during the recent power outage; it will cost $651 to replace. But she added she used an old modem to replace one lost then. The City Clerk reminded all that City wide cleanup will be Oct. 18, and that date will be put in the paper. The former Police Chief Stephen Phillips, who remains as an Officer, thanked David Massingill for letting the Police Department use his property as a command center, during the recent City Fair. He added that remodeling of the Police office is going well, also said his Department has three old shotguns and two handguns to dispose of, and will explore their disposition. Alderman Karman noted that the City has two old vehicles needing disposition. The group agreed to advertise those vehicles for sealed bids, to be opened at the Oct. session of this group.
The session ended about 8 PM. Visitors are welcome at open meetings, usually held on 3rd Thursday eves, but please check with City hall (Ph: 660-668-4444) for updated dates and times.