Cole Camp Homeowner Complains Of Unkempt Area

Homer May
County Reporter
 In early session of the City Board, July 18 evening, Cole Camp resident Tiffany Woodington complained about a neighbor, who reportedly failed to keep the area around his home well mowed, and had, because of an inoperable Jacuzzi with stagnant water, allowed mosquitos to infest her yard area. She showed a recent cell phone photo of what she said was the neighbor’s homestead, convincing Aldermen of the need for action. The group agreed to send that neighbor a warning letter, followed by stiffer action, if necessary.
The meeting opened at 7 PM, with Aldermen Greg Ives, Wayne Karman, Jeremy Pirtle present. Alderman Robert Meuschke was absent.
Mayor Burton Bormann presided, City Clerk Ami Dieckman recorded. First business conducted was to approve minutes of the June regular and closed meetings and the evening’s agenda, then okay payment of bills presented. Financials were received from the City Clerk, without comment. Also in early session, Billy Helvey, a Cole Camp resident and investment professional, announced his intent to soon open an Edward Jones investment office in the City. He has an office in Warsaw now, but will soon move that office to Cole Camp.
Under new business, that eve, the group discussed its present
Health Savings Account policy, which previously provided each employee a $1000. 1st of year contribution toward his/her Health Savings Account. But, due to an employee’s recent hire near mid-year, that Policy needed review. After considerable discussion, the group decided to still offer the $1000 yearly contribution to each employee’s HSA, but payable at $250/quarter, with appropriate adjustments for a mid-year hiring. The group also adopted budget amendments relating to the City’s water tower maintenance, adding $146,000; and the Police Department remodel, adding $47,000.
Mayor Bormann reported the City is receiving applications for a new Chief of Police; and that the former Chief, Stephen Phillips, was recently demoted, with no loss of salary. Police Officer Phillips reported “business as usual,” and that the Department recently recovered four stolen automobiles, but has no information regarding the perpetrator(s). Public Works Director Klarke Bohling said renovation of the water tower was finished July 17, and the City will start refilling the tower July 19.
The meeting closed about 7:45 PM. Open sessions of this group are usually held on 3rd Thursday eves, and are open to the public. But  check with City Hall (Ph: 660-668-4444) for updated schedule.