Cole Camp Police Report

Stephen Phillips
Cole Camp Police Chief
From April 2, 2018 to April 8, 2018 Cole Camp Police Officers have done the following activities:
-Officers received a report of a stolen vehicle in the 200 block of South Spring Street.
-Officers responded to the 500 block of South Keeney for a child at Boys and Girls Club who had not been picked up. Officers contacted the parents and took the child home.  
-Responded to a non-injury motor vehicle crash in the 400 block of West Prairie Street.
-Officers received a counterfeit $100.00 bill in the 500 block of West Main Street.
As spring time has arrived, even though it has been cold and snowing, I have noticed a few yards already mowed.  This time of year usually brings notices of violations being mailed to property owners for tall grass and high weeds as well as other nuisances violations.
When mowing yards, I would like to remind you of City Ordinance 210.170. Littering, with reads:  
“A person commits the offense of littering if he/she:  1. Places, deposits, throws, scatters or leaves in any public or private street, highway, lane, alley, place or square or on any private real property owned by another without the consent of said owner any grass clippings, brush trimmings, leaves, refuse, waste, glass, glass bottles, cans, wire, nails, tacks, garbage, papers, trash or other such waste materials; or 2. Transports or dumps any such refuse or waste materials in such a manner as to cause the littering of any public or private street, highway, land, alley, place or square.”