County Clerk Prepares For ‘Different’ Election

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Precautions related to COVID-19 will be in place for the June 2 Municipal Elections in Benton County. Social distancing will be practiced at all seven polling locations, and masks will be provided to poll workers. Hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes will be available, but voters are encouraged to bring their own pen and/or stylus. Polls will be open from 6 AM to 7 PM.
“We don’t have enough masks for the public, so voters will have to bring their own if they want to wear them,” said Susan Porterfield, Benton County Clerk. “We ask for the public’s patience, as we have limited resources.”
In a public notice posted on the Benton County website, voters were told that if they were unable to stand in line, or didn’t wish to vote at their polling location, they could vote absentee. The last day Missouri law allowed an absentee ballot to be mailed out was May 20, and Porterfield reported that 160 residents voted absentee.
“We had very few absentee voters vote in the courthouse,” said Porterfield. “We had plexi guards up and booths spaced, but had limited space.”
In Warsaw, voters are being asked to choose three directors for the R-IX School District Board of Education to serve three years. The candidates are Tracey Spry, Drew Burdick, Michael “Mac” Vorce, Amie L. Breshears, Leslie Grace and Reba Slavens. Also up for election for two year terms are Eddie Simons, for Mayor; Rob Coskey, for Alderman, Ward 1; Terry K. Marshall, for Alderman, Ward 2; and Adam Howe, for Alderman, Ward 3.
Lincoln voters are being asked to choose three directors for the Lincoln R-II School District Board of Education, to serve three years. Candidates are Shannon Ebeling, Kyle Eichler, Dusty Koll and Susyn Sanders. John E. King is running for a two-year term as Mayor, and Janice Swearngin is running for Alderman, West Ward. Write in candidates are requested for Alderman, East Ward.
Running for two-year terms in Cole Camp are Mayoral candidates Burton Bormann and Robert Meuschke;  Greg Ives, for Alderman, East Ward; and Wayne Karman and Colleen Murphy, Alderman, West Ward. There is also a Yes/No Question on the ballot asking voters if the City of Cole Camp should be authorized to extend the current transportation tax at the rate of one-half of one percent for a term of five years from the date on which such tax expires for transportation purposes including construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of streets, roads and bridges within the City.
Because there are no candidates on the ballot for Osage Valley Fire District Director, voters are invited to write in names of candidates they vote for.
Although some students living in Benton County actually attend schools in surrounding counties, ballots will allow voters to choose candidates and approve or disapprove propositions in those out-of-county school districts.
Voters can choose three directors to serve three years on the Henry County R-I School District Board of Education. Candidates are Jacob “Jake” Drenon, Mark S. Rains, Kathlene Brown, Christopher Michael Collins, Michael Eugene Daugherty, and Jason Heany. 
Proposition Greyhounds is also related to the Henry County School District. It asks voters to answer Yes/No to borrowing money in the amount of $3,500.000 for the purpose of providing funds for the betterment of school facilities. If the proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the School District is estimated to remain unchanged at $0.5000 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.
Voters may also choose three directors to serve three years on the Climax Springs R-IV School District Board of Education. Candidates are Adam Roberts, Joshua Wolfe, Daniel H. Mauss, and Shannon Hodges.
Voters are asked to choose three directors for the Osceola Public School Board of Education, of St. Clair County, for three-year terms. Candidates are David A. Gover, Lucinda F. Wisner, and Kim Wheeler
Proposition Kids is on the ballot asking whether the Osceola School District Board of Education is authorized to make permanent the existing temporary operating tax levy of $1.6014 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation without an estimated increase in the levy for the purpose of providing funds for safety and security improvements; to complete roof repairs and replacement; to renovate the District’s existing kitchen; to the extent funds are available, construct, equip and furnish an all-weather track; and to meet other operating expenses of the school district.
Ballots will also include the opportunity to elect two trustees at large from the Junior College District of Sedalia (State Fair Community College). Candidates for six-year terms as Trustees are Justin Hubbs, Richard L. Parker, Christopher Paszkiewicz, Yvonne Clark and WyAnn Lipps.