County Invests In Paver For Savings

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Expenses required for road repairs in Benton County Road and Bridge District #1 should be much less in the future with the recent purchase of a 2020 Weiler P65 Asphalt Paver Unit. The Unit was purchased from Foley Equipment of Sedalia and was delivered to Southside Commissioner David Malecki during the last week of April.
“This is the first time we have had one of these units,” said Commissioner Malecki. “It was not necessary to lease this unit through the normal purchasing process in the county, and funds for the purchase were made available from the sale of unneeded equipment, insurance money from a damaged tractor, and other revenue sources from the current 2020 budget. The total cost was $85,300.”
Commissioner Malecki said that the unit will be utilized to repave existing asphalt roads in South Benton County and to perform repair work on roads that just need a little patch work. By utilizing this unit and purchasing asphalt from local vendors, the expenses required for road repairs should be much less than contracting this work through the bidding process. A recent repaving contracted project on Poor Boy Road was handled by Vance Brothers, Inc. out of Kansas City.
Past road repairs and patches in southern Benton County have been performed by road graders that moved asphalt, and a skid steer loader that moved and smoothed the asphalt. A demonstration of how the new paver unit works, by Foley Equipment, is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6, at 9:30 AM. The unit is expected to be put into operation later this spring.