Danny Morrison Remembers Lincoln’s Humble Football Beginnings

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The Lincoln Cardinals are the number one ranked team in Class One in the state. Needless to say, they have come a long way from when the program started ten years ago.
Warsaw Principal Danny Morrison was the head coach for the first seven years. He remembered how it all started, “It was tough going at first. The first three years that I was there ,we pretty much didn’t have any kids that had played football before. The soccer program was the kids we were getting. We played the first year with mainly freshmen. One year of JV and we went to varsity. We played eight man football for two years. JV, two years varsity, eight man and then varsity.
We really needed more time before we made the move to varsity.”
When asked how the program started, Morrison said,
“They came to me as I was teaching there and asked me what I thought about starting a football program here. I said it would be it a great idea and they asked me to be the head coach. I said absolutely.
It was my first head coaching job. We kind of knew the program would improve when the group of kids they have now and the class before would come along. 
That made it easier for me to leave. Some coaches leave when the well runs dry. I told them when I left that they would not lose a regular season game for the next two years. They have a stellar sixth grade group so they will be good for awhile.
My goal for coming to Warsaw was to move into an administration position. I told them I would help out with football. This is home. I grew up here. I have a lot of pride in this school.
I like going back to Lincoln and hanging out with my former players. This senior group was freshman when I left.
When asked about Lincoln playing Warsaw, Morrison replied, “That is not my decision. I don’t see it happening for a couple of years. We would lose points playing a division one team even if they are ranked number one.”
So only ten years in existence and they have already played for a state championship. Not bad at all.