Donny Keele Honored With Golf Tournament

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Friends of Donny Keele gathered at the Shawnee Bend Golf Course on Saturday, August 25, to honor his memory as well as to raise money for Disabled Veterans.
The First Annual Donny Keele Golf Tournament raised $2800 for Disabled Vets, also allowing Donny’s friends to remember him while enjoying a day of golf.
“Donny cared about the veterans who he helped by designing artificial limbs and braces,” said his widow Debbie Keele.  “This was a wonderful way to remember him.”
Donny’s friends Doug Court and Karl Kurly organized the golf tournament to honor their friend.
With twelve teams each made up of four players, there was a good crowd at the tournament.
“Everyone seemed to have a great time,” Debbie Keele said.  “There were great prizes such as box seats to the Royals as well as a raffle.”
Donny’s daughter Karly was also on hand at the tournament helping out as a volunteer.
“I would like to thank everyone who came to the tournament as well as everyone who helped organize the event,” said Debbie Keele.  “I especially appreciate Mary Boone who supplied a lot of food and cake.  We hope to sponsor a golf tournament again next year.”