Dorothy Hinds Celebrates 100th Birthday At The B.C. Elks Lodge

Dorothy Hinds joined the Benton County Elks Lodge five years ago, when she was 95 years old. Her favorite thing to do at the Lodge has been to dance, and she was still dancing on March 1st when the Lodge celebrated her 100th birthday, a day early.  
Over 100 Elks members, friends and relatives of Hinds attended the event. Family members included two daughters, Deanna Hibbs and Ruth Wallace, and son Joey Hinds. Long-time boyfriend Gordon Smith, of Warrensburg, was also at her side.
This attractive and healthy centenarian was dressed up in white pearls, had a coifed, white curly hairstyle, and a fetching blue and white flowered top. She was also outfitted in a birthday tiara and “Birthday Girl” sash to signify the special occasion. Her 80-year old brother, Joe, had the first dance with her as the Lodge Boys Band played. 
Hinds lives in Clinton, but she has been a familiar figure in Warsaw dancing at the American Legion, and VFW as well as the Elks Lodge. She still dances at the Eagles Lodge in Clinton. Her hobbies include collecting angels, music, riding, traveling, playing in pitch tournaments, playing cards, embroidery, reading and shuffle board. A friend of hers attending the party, said that Hinds and one other player had won first place in shuffleboard in the middle of February. She also used to be a member of LaDue Quilting, she fished and played guitar and sang. In fact, she and her sister played at the Grand Ole Opry in 1999.
Hinds wears glasses and hearing aids, but says she is otherwise healthy. She describes herself as “young at heart,” and a true lover of life.  She is also a “hugger.” One friend at her party walked to a spot out of hearing range for Hinds, and said “She is sharp as a tack. It gives me hope that I will be that way when I am 100.”
Some of the highlights of her life include a trip to Hawaii in 1979, traveling to South Dakota to see a gold mine and the sculptures of four presidents on Mount Rushmore. A special event was also meeting her boyfriend, Gordon Smith, at a dance 11 years ago. Although she still drives in Clinton, Smith drives her other places that they visit.
Hinds was the subject of an article on May 16, 2013, in the Sedalia Democrat. It reported information about her younger life, some of what is given below.
She was born in Deepwater, MO, March 2, 1918. Her father, Otto Hunter, was a cowboy for many years and later got into heating and cooling. Her mother, Martha Mae Hunter, was for the most part a homemaker and mother of seven. Seasonally, she was also a cook for a local hunting club. She later became an accomplished markswoman and the manager at a shooting range.
Hinds attended LaDue School, that went up to eighth grade, and played basketball there. After finishing school, she stayed home to help care for the youngsters and help with her grandmother. In 1933 she got to ride in an airplane for 50 cents and enjoyed looking around the area from the sky. Sixty years later, her grandson, Leonard took her for another ride in his own plane. In 1936, she married Joseph “Vollie” Hindes. He served in the Pacific Theater of operations with the U.S. Navy in WWII. Later he became Superintendent of the Westport Construction Company and took part in the building of the old Wetzel Clinic, Golden Valley, the old Clinton High School building as well as many churches. Then, he was ordained as a Baptist minister for the New Hope Baptist Church. He and Dorothy had seven children.
Hinds was a housewife and homemaker while her children were young, but once her youngest daughter, Deanna, started school, she began working in the shoe department of Sam’s that was once located on the Clinton square. After 20 years, Sam’s closed down, and she became mostly retired. She is a life time member of the VFW Auxiliary, the Eagles Lodge, and a member of Clear Creek Baptist Church.
Her seven children are daughters Ruth Wallace of Warsaw, Gloria Smart and Deanna Hibbs of Clinton, son John Hindes of Minnesota, and Joe, David and Russell Hinds who are deceased. She has nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.