The Fantastic Four

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
‘Where it began, I don’t begin to know it
Just know its coming on strong
Was in the Spring and the Spring became the Summer
And good times never seemed so good’
The 2010 Warsaw state championship softball team was the effort and dedication of several talented girls, some who played on traveling softball teams. Ron Strader  started Torque with 12 girls in 12u in 2005. Several of those girls played on the championship team and went on to play college ball. 
At this writing, the 2018 WHS softball team are coming off of a 23-4 season, just one game short of making the final four. 
Shane Simons, who is credited with starting much of what is going on today commented, “When my two daughters,  Ambri  and Rayni, were 8 and 10 years old, I thought that if we are going to build a strong high school team,we needed to start with a group again. My two girls were going to play on another traveling team and a lady came to me and said, ‘Why don’t you coach? 
So I had a try-out at Lumpe Field and didn’t really know Ron Strader too well at the time. I wasn’t sure who I was going to get to help me, but some people told me he knew how to teach the pitchers and that was something I couldn’t do. The rest of the game I was pretty good at, but I needed help with the pitching.
We had ten girls show up and about every girl on the softball team now was there when we started. Some couldn’t throw very well but they were dedicated. These girls and their parents looked up to the championship team. Our goal from day one was to be that team. I think the competition is a lot tougher now. Everybody is playing Comp-Ball now. I also think the pitching is so much better now. We had a dominating pitcher in Kelli (Wenberg).”
Most people would agree that the championship team was more of a power team. This team is more athletic. So it is hard to compare them.” 
Simons went on to say, “The only thing I can say I done was to have a try out. I had Ron Strader , Adam Howe and Eric Flores come on.”  
Strader and Simons would merge together at the beginning and keep the Torque name.
Strader, who started Torque, would later turn it over to Eric Flores. Coach Flores spends hours teaching girls how to hit. Adam Howe is coaching a younger traveling team that plays tougher competition and travels all over.
Simons’ goal this summer is to play the toughest competition he can find and not worry about wins and losses. His overall goals are to have the girls play in the final four and have the girls earn scholarships to some major colleges.
Simons also went on to talk about how great the parents have been and the community in supporting the team. “Playing on a traveling team is very expensive, as they travel all over the U.S.”
So, when you watch the girls play next fall and you marvel at their pitching, hitting, defense, and base running, look out by the right field fence and you will see four men who behind the scenes, dedicated their time, money and effort in helping build this outstanding softball team. The team is made up of a wonderful group of young, dedicated girls who love the game of softball.
WHS Head Coach Steve Larson and Keli (Wenberg) Eierman never tire of talking about the 2010 team. So, while the 2019 team might feel some pressure, it will be as Neil Diamond sings, “Good times never seemed so good.” The girls  are in for some wonderful experiences that will turn into some very precious memories as they grow older. We wish them the very best.
When it comes to teaching young girls the game of softball, these four men are truly without question, “The Fantastic Four.”