Fristoe News

Pat Arnett
Contributing Reporter
Winter is showing what it can actually do this past week.  Hopefully this is just a small taste and it will stay this way. 
Right now it seems to be sickness around everywhere.  Some is head cold, sinus and allergies while others are finding themselves with the coronavirus after all this time.  Several have had to go to hospital for a few days and others just do the quarantine.  Whatever has to be done each person has to deal with this illness in some way and it is stressful in every way and everyone needs to be in prayer for all. 
My friend Kathy and I were talking the other afternoon about how some things have changed but others have stayed the same.  For instance, the Ladies Prayer and Fellowship group at Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church, that at one time was a once a month meeting (this was around 40-50 years ago) that had craft activities where items were made to donate to nursing homes, etc. There was sometimes 20-25 ladies would come and we were talking how with deaths and others moving away, Kathy and I were down to two attendees the last 3 or 4 years but numbers are adding up again and for that, Kathy and I are very thankful because this is part of the church and we have been told by other members that the ladies meeting is a part of the church foundation.  I myself am very thankful because when my Fristoe granddaughters were born and I, as Nana, watched them daily while their Mom and Dad worked one day a week, I would take them with me to the ladies prayer meeting at church.  The ladies joined in watching them and those girls learned to feel that church building was as at home as their own houses. God has blessed Fristoe Lighthouse Church.  Three names that were at the meetings every meeting 40 or so years ago were, Helen Williams, Leta Rogers and Mary Scarbrough.  If Mary was in good enough health, she would come to the meetings now.
Sunday, Pastor Tony Smith performed a renewal of wedding vows at Fristoe Church for Paul and Linda Crawford, in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.   Mr. and Mrs. Crawford live in Kansas and were attendees of the church where Br. and Sis. Smith were Pastors.  Several of their family attended church services and the wedding ceremony.  There was a light meal and special cake served after activities.
Dean Arnett has been in touch with several of his friends the last couple weeks.  First, Curtis Allen is doing good; just says he would like to have more visitors.  Jesse Crouch fell and cracked his hip and is not able to maneuver around much. 
Thought for the week:  Being content isn't about getting everything you want, it is being satisfied with what you have.
Hope everyone has a wonderful safe healthy week!