Fristoe News

Pat Arnett
Contributing Reporter
It has been a beautiful Thanksgiving week in the Fristoe area.  The longer the weather stays halfway nice, the longer the propane that people have put in their tanks will last, and easier on budgets for the winter.  This is being written Sunday November 27 and there is only 24 days until winter begins BUT that means on December 22, days will begin to get longer each day.  I always look forward to that.
The Fristoe area sends condolences to the family of Dean McMillan.  Dean was very sick in hospital but asked to be allowed to be home when he passed away.  He passed away  on Wednesday, November 23, the day before Thanksgiving. The area where Dean lived will miss him very much.
Prayers for Carolyn Colbert, Lewis and Judy Retherford, Curtis Allen, Alice Boston and Mary Scarbrough this week!  Special  prayers for Carolee Apperson and Jeanne Wright.
Made many friends while Cowboy Church that began with Glen Harpham and the Warsaw First Baptist Church was in operation.  I bumped into a great lady, Pam Myrick that I got to know as we both attended The Cowboy Church while it was being held at The Fristoe Community Building on Thursday nights.  Visited with her a few minutes.  When I look back, it is unbelievable how many people I got to know and enjoyed spending time with while Cowboy Church was being held at the Fristoe Community Building and not very many of the people I came in contact with are still a part of the church that was in Fristoe Community Building. 
However when the Cowboy Church was taken out of Fristoe, that gave me much more time to spend working in my own church, The Fristoe Pentecostal Lighthouse Church.  While Cowboy Church was in operation almost half or more of attendees of Lighthouse Church passed away, and the church needed attention that it hadn't been receiving.  Dear Pastor Ullum had been patient waiting for the congregation to renew their love and then he became ill and he turned things over to Pastor Tony Smith.  In the years Br. Smith has taken over, the church has renewed growth in size as well as spirit. A typical morning has wonderful music as well as praise, worship, preaching and singing.  Br. Ken sang a song most of us didn't know entitled "I Love You", and did a wonderful job and the Smith's sang the beautiful hymn entitled "I've Got Plenty Of Time" and they did  a fantastic job with it.  Br. Smith's message was from Ecclesiastes Chapter 8 verse 10.  He brought it out to us that we must stay in walk with God and keep The Lord in or lives and not let our salvation slip away.  If we forget our salvation what is worse is how not only do we forget but we will be forgotten. 
Thought for the week: A secret to success is to start from scratch and just keep on scratching!
Hope everyone that reads Fristoe News has a great, safe, and enjoyable week!