A Fristoe Teen Helps Quash Human Trafficking Scourge

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Earlier this year 13-year-old Bronc Hildon, of Fristoe, heard about human trafficking taking place in Ghana from his Sunday School teacher at Waypoint Ministries in Warsaw. As part of his home schooling, Bronc is required by his parents to do a project every month, and he decided to raise funds to help fight this devastating human trafficking as his project.
Bronc’s parents have a mule and horse farm where he helps out, and being the cowboy that he is, he decided to earn money by putting on a Cowboy Challenge on his farm for people riding horses. His parents required him to plan the competition as well as choose and make obstacles out of wood.  The competition was held on October 26, raising $637 for Ghana.
Bronc’s mother said that he had originally planned to raise funds for St. Jude as his monthly project, but after the Sunday School lesson on human trafficking, he was fidgety and said he wanted to help in Ghana instead. He had a lot to do to get ready for the event, including making flyers, a large sign and planning a Facebook event. He was the judge for the event and even had a quilt raffle after a friend made and donated the quilt. After the event, he wrote thank-you notes to a multitude of donors.
When the money was raised, Bronc and his parents weren’t sure where to send a check. So his mom (Ruby) called his Sunday School teacher who told her that he got information about human trafficking from a publication called The Daily Jot, a news analysis from a prophetic Christian worldview.  It is pubished by Pastor Bill Wilson, who served as pastor for the National Football League, and was into politics before he felt a calling to write The Daily Jot. The publication is posted on the publication’s website, read by thousands of subscribers, is posted on Facebook, and sent via email mainly to Christian evangelicals across the world. The Daily Jot supports the ministry of Pastor William Agbeti in Ghana who ministers to the less fortunate in rural areas by providing food, clothing, clean water and other matters such as helping fight human trafficking. Bronc’s parents were able to send their check to Bill Wilson who forwarded it to Pastor Agbeti. Although the ministry gets a monthly stipend to help in its work, Bronc’s money was extra and very much needed.
Last spring The Daily Jot published several articles about human trafficking in Ghana where there is a long-established trade of stealing land and people for profit. One of the articles focused on a young girl who was being lured by a syndicate into modern-day slavery. Pastor Agbeti and his team were able to thwart the attempt and assisted in relocating her to a safe place for vocational training.
The Sunday School teacher who taught the lesson on human trafficking to Bronc Hildon’s class, (who wishes to remain nameless) said that a lot of the trafficking in some third world countries focuses more on young girls than boys. He said that the girls are usually promised high-paying jobs but are put into prostitution, or in some cases killed and their body parts sold.
Bill Wilson wrote about Bronc’s contribution to the fight against human trafficking and said in The Daily Jot “This is the work of an extraordinary young man who has extraordinary parents. It is the story of how one person can stir the hearts of others and lead with love rather than hate.”
Bronc has accomplished many other projects including riding a mule up and down Fristoe collecting trash.