Fun Time For Warsaw River Rats

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The third annual Warsaw River Rats “ Kids Needs To Fish” event was held on Saturday, June 2, at East Bledsoe Ferry. Over 300 kids showed up for the free  activity and with the weather cooperating, the kids and the workers all had a great time.
Each kid received a tackle box and a rod and reel. Donations to the event were made by Walmart, DB2 Construction, Cody’s Bait and Tackle, Edgar Baits, Shane and Terry L. Hunziker and a host of local businesses and various individuals around town.
The fishing itself took place at what is known as the “Dead Water” below the Dam. 
The Corps of Engineers, the Water Patrol, the Sheriff Department and local game wardens were on hand for seminars, boat rides and other activates.
River Rats Director and Chairman of the Board, Michael Reynolds, started the event as a way to get his grand kids out of the house and away from the TV and videos games. Reynolds commented,” I started out with 17 kids to go fishing and we ended up with over 70.” Apparently fishing has caught on as Reynolds grandkids are always asking grandpa to take them fishing.
The River Rat kids caught channel catfish, crappie, bluegills and a flathead catfish. Edgar Baits donated over 500 night crawlers. Awards were given for the largest fish which was a 17 inch catfish and the smallest fish was a two ounce bluegill.
The kids and workers feasted on 250 hamburgers, 210 hotdogs and 12 gallons of ice cream.
 The non-profit organization has over 1200 members. Pictures and more information of the event can be found on the River Rats Facebook page.