G&W Returns To Warsaw

Anita Campbell
Enterprise Staff
G & W Foods offers a fresh meat department, deli and bakery in addition to a full line of groceries. 
Newman’s Country Mart was sold to Dan William and Bruce Grisham of Willow Springs, MO, just eight months ago. Since then G&W employees have worked to remodel the store and make some major improvements.
“We have been working on the overall store conditions,” said General Manager Bill Marks.“I worked here in Warsaw at the old G&W located in what is now the Warsaw library, but at that time we just didn’t have the volume to stay open.”
G&W offers choice meats in their meat department.  Marks explained there are three grades of meat which includes select, choice and prime. “The customer will pay a little more for choice,  but the quality is worth it,” Marks said.
G & W owners Dan William and Bruce Grisham have over 25 years in the grocery business and now operate 26 G&W stores in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas. 
“Thursday is our busiest day since that is our senior discount day (for those over 55 years) and now we are extending that discount day to include veterans,” said Marks.    Seniors and veterans save 5% on Thursdays.  G&W also offers fresh fruit to all their young customers under the age of 12 to enjoy while their parents shop.
G&W is located at 1018 East Main Street in Warsaw.