It Is Time To Get To Know Walker Beaman

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
For the last four years, the names Jackson Beaman and Hayden Beaman have gained much attention and popularity around Lincoln and the surrounding area.
The BCE sports pages has deserving covered them both very well throughout the years.
They will graduate soon. Jackson will be off to Missouri and Hayden to Missouri Valley. Both to play baseball.
This story is about a third Beaman. Walker Beaman to be exact. He will be a junior this fall. He plays baseball and football and he plays not so much to gain a scholarship,  Walker Beaman plays because he loves the game. Pure and simple. Make no mistake ,while according to him, he may not be an All-State athlete like his brother Hayden and his cousin Jackson, just yet ,Walker is a good athlete. According to Hayden, “Walker can fly and he trains hard.” So in two years, who knows? In reality, it doesn’t matter to him because he is having fun. He has gone to State twice and that is two more times than most kids ever dream of.
Lincoln graduates seven All- State players out of a senior class of 12 boys. So some of the underclassmen probably fell under the radar. Needless to say, the other players will get their chance this time around. People across the state knows where Lincoln is  by now and they will be watching.
 Walker will probably be a wide receiver and a defensive back. In baseball, he plays the outfield. He has been on winning teams so he knows how to win.
Trials can build character. He already lost his sophomore season on the baseball field along with every other kid due to the Coronavirus lockdown.
People love to make comparisions, so I asked his dad Joe Beaman, if he thought Walker felt pressure to play up to the high expectations set by simply being a Beaman.
“ No, Walker is his own person. He has his own personality and abilities. He’s happy to be doing his own things and sports are not nearly important to him as the other two. We just love to see him in uniform and having a good time with his teammates.”
I asked Jackson about him. He commented “ He is a great kid. He is funny. Walker is a great teammate and role model.”
Through social media, Walker responded to the following questions.
Johnie- What sports do you play?
Walker -I have played baseball all my life and I have come back to football after I stopped playing in the fourth grade.
Johnie- What has it been like growing up with Hayden and Jackson? 
Walker- Growing up with Hayden has been a wild ride. We have had our ups and downs but in the end we are still brothers. With Jackson it’s been almost an honor watching him succeed in life and I only know he is going far in life.
Johnie -You are the lesser known Beaman. Will there be pressure on you to follow in their footsteps?
Walker-To me it does feel like there is going to be some pressure on me because I’m  kind of the oddball. I’m not as athletically gifted as Hayden and Jackson and with those two really making a name for themselves I feel like people will be expecting something out of me. Whatever it is I will try to be the best I can be.
Johnie - What are your hobbies?
Walker- As I said before I am different from Hayden and Jackson. I usually stay inside listening to music or talking to friends but when I get the chance I enjoy being active like playing a pick-up two hand touch football game or working out.
Johnie- What was it like playing in the state championship football game against Valley Catholic?
Walker-The state game was something I’m never going to forget. It was an all around good game even though we lost it. It will always be a game to remember.
Johnie- How will your team be next year?
Walker- I believe our team will be fairly good. We did get a new head coach and it will be different without Coach LaFavor but if we work hard enough and put in all our effort, I believe we will still be a great team.
Johnie - How has the lockdown affected you?
 Walker-The lockdown to me has taken away small chances in getting better for sports. It has taken away my weights class which even though it’s just 45 minutes of working out it still helps people become stronger. It has taken away the baseball season which is what I’m most sad about because I was looking forward to see how well our team could be and how well I could’ve personally been.
Johnie - How are you similar to Hayden and Jackson?
Walker-I am similar to Hayden and Jack because even though there are times when life isn’t going your way I still strive to be the best I can be and do everything I can to accomplish my goals and I know those guys have done the same to make it where they are today.”
Well, now you know more about Walker Beaman. We all join in praying that things get back to normal so we can have sports again. We wish Walker the best.