Kyle Eckhoff, Staying Strong Through Tough Times

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Lincoln’s Freshman Kyle Eckhoff has been labeled “the next big time athlete to come out of Lincoln.” He has heard the talk and he knows the expectations.
Last year, his father, Darren Eckhoff, a Lincoln legend, passed away. Kyle was 14 years old. Yes, just 14. Just a kid with his hopes, his dreams and the rest of his life experiences all in the future. 
His goal is to play college basketball. He nursed an injury all through last season that hampered his production, but he is healthy now.
One of his best friends, who considers Kyle as his own brother, is Jackson Beaman.
 Beaman, who has nothing but praise when speaking of Kyle, said 
“Kyle is a very good kid that works extremely hard. Kyle will be a star in football and basketball for the next three years. He has more than enough of what it takes to keep Lincoln’s success rolling.” 
This reporter was told about Kyle by several people in Lincoln a few years back. You can’t hide talent.
Well, it is time to let Kyle tell his story. Below is our interview.
Johnie- When did you start playing sports?
Kyle - Well, for as long as I can remember I’ve always been playing some sort of sport. I couldn’t tell you what exactly started it for me, but my parents were a big influence for me when it came to getting involved in sports.
Johnie- Who was your biggest inspiration? 
Kyle- My dad was probably my biggest inspiration. He was the hardest working guy I knew. Between juggling his day job and running the farm, he still somehow found time to spend with his family. In everything I do, whether that be on the court or in school, I strive to be as hardworking as he was.
Johnie- You have been tagged by many as the next top athlete to come out of Lincoln. Has that effected you?
Kyle - I think it has set some pretty high expectations for me, but I’m just ready to get out there and showcase all the work I’ve put in. 
Johnie- I know it was tough to play in the Tipton game the day after your father died. You caught a TD pass. How did that feel?
Kyle- It was pretty difficult to play in that game, but I knew my dad would’ve wanted me to go out there and play my hardest. When I caught that touchdown, I couldn’t help myself from smiling cause I knew my dad was too.
Johnie -  What goals have you set for yourself?
Kyle- The goal is to play basketball on the collegiate level. I’ve been blessed with all the tools I need to accomplish that goal and I am very committed to put all the time and effort in to accomplish that goal. 
Johnie- I know it has been tough since your father passed away.
Kyle- It’s been very different for me and my family, but I believe that the Lord does everything for good and knowing that makes dealing with everything a little easier. We are also very blessed to have great family and friends that help us out more than anyone can understand.
Johnie- How has the lockdown changed your life?
Kyle- The lockdown hasn’t really effected my daily life that much. During the days I work on the farm and at night I try to work on my game as much as I can. 
Johnie- How was it to play in the state championship football game?
Kyle- It was one of the best experiences of my life. It really gave me a new mindset just being around that senior class and seeing how determined they were to win.”
Kyle is one of the many friendly, talented kids at Lincoln high school. We wish him the absolute best.