Legion Helps Vet With Keys For Reliable Ride

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
American Legion (AML) Post 217 was recently contacted by Chris Campbell, a Marine vet from Lincoln who said that he wanted to donate a car to a local vet who could get some use from it. It didn’t take long for AML to take action that brought Bobbylee Chapman, a local U.S.Army vet, and the donated 2002 Subaru Forester together.
“I knew that there were vets working at Walmart,” said Barry White, 30-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, and a member of AML Post 217. “So, I talked to the Walmart manager as well as some employees and was told that they knew ‘just the guy who deserved, and needed the donated car. Bobbylee Chapman, 26 years old, and a Warsaw High School graduate, was previously with the 82nd Airborne Division in the U.S.Army, where he served as a weapon specialist paratrooper. Chapman completed his tour of duty three years ago and had been working at Walmart, where he is considered to be an outstanding young man, and whose only limitation has been the lack of a car.”
White said that Chapman was only told that he was going to be honored at a ceremony at the AML Post 217, and he was given a hat and a novelty license plate that read “American Legion Post 217, Warsaw, MO.” On his way to the gifting ceremony, Chapman was told that he could put the license plate on his car, and Chapman replied that he didn’t have a car. Then he learned that he was getting the Subaru Forrester.
“He was overwhelmed and beside himself,” said White. “His parents, Walmart employees and AML members were present. He was also introduced to the car’s donor. The car is all-wheel drive and will be perfect for winter weather. He won’t have to rely on others for rides to work, and can use the vehicle to go to college. He will do something with himself and will give back in the future. He is a humble young man and we are going to try and recruit him as a member of AML.”
White said that the AML had put a generous local resident in touch with a local vet, and emphasized that the big thing is that there are a lot of vets working among us and we don’t know about them. 
“Remember the vets for what they did for us,” said White. “Think about this all the time, not just on holidays and Veterans’ Day. If anybody has an idea how to honor a vet, the AML is always willing to help.