Lincoln Becomes A Recycling Superstar

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Recycling paper, clothing, as well as tin and aluminum cans is easy in Lincoln. The City provides a location for community recycling on a public lot located next to the Main Fire Station on Osage Street. And, at the present time this service is free.
“The City of Lincoln makes an accessible location available, and we provide recycling bins and pick up of materials once a week, usually Mondays,” said Carley Ross, Director of Henry County Industries in Clinton. “The materials we accept for recycling are tin and aluminum cans; all types of paper, including work paper, junk paper, books and cardboard; and clothing if it is in a clean plastic trash bag. Plastics are not accepted at the Lincoln site.”
Ross said that Henry County Industries also picks up recycling in Warsaw and Cole Camp for businesses that request it.  Some of these businesses include libraries, public schools, the Warm House, and contractors who request dumpsters at job sites. Plastics are accepted at some of these sites, in addition to paper and cans, if they are plastics 1 or 2 (as denoted on the bottom of items.) Ross said that the businesses requesting recycling need to have their bins accessible to the truck that picks up the objects at times that may be after regular operating hours for the businesses.
“Once the recycling material is picked up and delivered to our site, it is delivered to our Sheltered Workshop where it is sorted and baled,” said Ross. “We hire mentally and physically handicapped personnel to sort such things as paper, separating the whites, newsprint and slicks. After baling, we sell it to a broker who then sells it to mills that are usually in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas.”
Plastic bags can be taken to the Warsaw Walmart for recycling. Walmart manager, Craig Dudenhoeffer, said that the store also recycles most of the plastics that it uses in its business, including packaging from deliveries to the store and even things like shelf strip molding.
“Some 15 years ago, Walmart had a dumpster out back that was full of trash and had to be emptied once or twice a week,” said Dudenhoeffer. “Now, we recycle so much that the dumpster needs only to be emptied about once a month.”
Sedalia has a bustling curbside recycling pick-up service that has been operating for a couple of years. The City also accepts household hazardous waste (HHW) products at the HHW Collection Trailer at 27887 Highway U.  The HHW Drop-off Site is open by appointment. The contact number is 660-827-3000, ext. 1166. HHW includes paints, acid, adhesives, glues, aerosol cans, ammonia, antifreeze, car and truck batteries, pesticides and more. For a complete list, check out online. The Sedalia Sanitation and Recycling Department can be reached by phone at 660-827-7820.
Advantage Metals Recycling facilities buy scrap metals, and the nearest facilities are in Clinton, at 660-885-9262; and Sedalia at 660-827-1873.
Henry County Industries, in Clinton, is also a recycling center for the community and surrounding areas.  Recycling can be dropped off at any time in the outside bins at 516 Price Lane.