Lions Club Tournament Ends With Thrillers

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The 78th Annual Lions Club Tournament is history. The icy weather canceled the Thursday boys games that were rescheduled and played early Saturday. The crowds were good in spite of the cold conditions outside and Tournament Director Corbin Cain and all of the Lions Club members did another outstanding job.
The tournament is more than just about basketball as the proceeds go to so many worthy causes.
The welcomed sun on Saturday shining through the Community Building windows was hard at times on the fans and the photographers. It actually made for some interesting pictures.
 It goes without saying that Saturday was a full day of basketball with makeup games starting at 10:30 A.M.
The boys championship game was a thriller with Sedalia 6th beating Warsaw 22-20. As much fun as it was watching the players, watching the coaches throughout the tourney was as equally entertaining.
Warsaw jumped out to a 4-0 lead, but Sedalia’s Jakobe Linn hit a three pointer and the game was on as they went on a 7-0 run. Warsaw trailed 4-7 and 14-16 at half after leading briefly at 8-7.
Sedalia’s press forced numerous turnovers and their outside shooting had the crowd in awe. Nikiah Cole was extremely quick and picked off passes all game long. He was instrumental in keeping the ball away from Josh Bunch on the inside, whose height and scoring underneath would dominate the tournament at times.
It was 20-15 after three and they would hold Sedalia to just two fourth quarter points. Bunch hit a shot and later a free throw to cut it to 18-22 and Brenan Slavens would bank home a line drive with seconds left and it was 22-20. A turnover on a jump ball ended Warsaw’s chances.
Scoring -Warsaw-Bunch 9, Kendall Bagley 7, Slavens 2 and Drake Murrell 2.
Sedalia 6th-Linn 5, Cole 2, Landon Layton 3, Malaki Reed 5, Caydon Homan 2 and Carson Groader 2.
In other games on Saturday,Warsaw beat Buffalo in a dandy 16-12. Bunch had 6 and Blaine Abraham 6 to lead their teams.
Sedalia 6th Beat Climax Springs 40-5. Cole had 11 for the winners and Ty Butterfield 3 and Trent Downing 2 for Climax.
Buffalo beat Climax Springs for third place 37 -13. Matthew Skinner had 10 for Buffalo. Ty Butterfield had six for Climax.
The Clinton Nets beat Skyline 28-24. Richie D. Brown Jr. had 15 for the Nets and Jayden Mauden 9 for Skyline.
Sedalia 5th beat Cole Camp 35-16. Conner Harris had 13 for Sedalia and Adien Fennstra 6 for Cole Camp.
Clinton Nets beat Sedalia 5th 32-27. Brown had 11 and Dax Wiskur 10 to lead their teams.
Skyline beat Cole Camp 19-15. Maupin,Pippins,Daughtery and Meade had 4 for Skyline. Feenstra had 6 for Cole Camp.
On Tuesday, Warsaw beat Sedalia 5th, 24-14 with Josh Bunch tossing in 14 points for Warsaw. Clinton lost to Buffalo 47-23, Sedaila beat Skyline 30-20 and in overtime Climax beat Cole Camp 29-20 .
On the girls side, Skyline 1 defeated Windsor 32-4 for the championship. Ashlyn Garrett had 20 points to lead Skyline. Lily Betsworth and Candance McDonald each had 2 for Windsor.
Warsaw took third place 31-10 over Skyline 2. Madison Finkenbine had 12 for Warsaw while Tymber Pinon and Makenna Shockley had 4 apiece for Skyline 2 .
Sedalia Heat lost to Henry Cooper Hoopers 9-7. Skyte Wilson had 3 for Cooper and Nadya Ahmed had 3 for the Heat.
Sedalia Rebels beat Cole Camp 31-2.
On Wednesday, Skyline 1 beat Warsaw 29-3, Windsor beat Skyline 2 ,17-11. The Hoopers defeated Sedalia Rebels 11-8 and Sedalia Heat beat Cole Camp 17-2.
On Monday, Windsor beat the Heat 18-14, Skyline 2 beat Cole Camp 27-0, Skyline 1 topped Hoopers 33-6,and Warsaw beat Sedalia 19-11.
BCE MVP’s are high scoring Ashlyn Garrett from Skyline for the girls and defensive specialist Nikiah Cole from Sedalia 6th for the boys.