The Many Sides Of Parker Engles, Unselfish Teammate, All State Linebacker, And A Coach On The Field

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
Even though Senior Parker Engles was an outstanding linebacker for Lincoln high school, being named All - State  an amazing three times, he may not be as well known as some of the other Lincoln athletes.
Not that he wasn’t deserving of the press but considering he played along side such athletes as Jackson Beaman, Bo Kroenke, Tanner Bays and Devon Parrott, it is understandable that he might have flown under the radar just a wee bit. Also, there was the Lincoln girls state championship softball team taking in some of the spotlight too.
Also, linebackers don’t always gain outstanding mention in the box scores. As a running back, he was a blocking back and just  maybe the best in Class 1 and that doesn’t show up in the stats either.
Having said all of that, talk to someone from Lincoln and you will learn the worth of Parker Engles in a hurry.
Jackson Beaman said, “Parker has the best if not second best football knowledge of anyone I’ve ever played with. He loved watching film, and he knew what the other team was going to do on  before every play. Size for size, he always had the most heart on the field. Great kid. He was the key to all of our success. Parker was the lead blocker for me on every run. If it wasn’t for him and the lineman, we wouldn’t have had near the success. He never cared about stats or scoring touchdowns. He just wanted to do anything to win.
 He is one of my best buddies in the whole world. It’s hard to find a better, teammate, ballplayer and friend.”
Luke Beaman said, “He is very knowledgable about football. He would make a good coach.”
Tanner Bays said, “Chop is a great guy. He knows a lot about football and how it’s played, which was a big reason why we won so much over the years. The past two years there have been a number of times when we were on defense and he told us what play they were running because of how much game film he had watched. Over the past six years him and the other seniors have been like brothers to me and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Love those guys.”
Below is our interview.
Johnie- How did you get started in sports?
Parker -I think the first time I got started in sports was probably in preschool when my friend Bo told me he was playing tee ball so I joined the tee ball team.
Johnie -Who inspired you?
Parker-I would say if anyone inspired me it would be my parents. When I was little I didn’t like sports at all, my parents always pushed me to try new things, and they made me go to try football and basketball, they led me to liking sports and making it one of the biggest loves of my life.
Johnie- You were involved with journalism in high school and photography. Do you plan on following that path after graduation?
Parker-I’m not sure what I plan on doing for a career after high school, so I can’t say whether or not I will pursue it, I will say that it is something that entices me.
Johnie- Some said you were best blocking back around. Jackson Beaman said you didn’t care about stats that you just wanted to win. Can you comment on that?
Parker- I don’t know if I would say I was the best blocking back, it’s pretty easy to make a good block for someone like Jack especially when you have five stellar dudes on the o-line helping. Winning was always the most important thing, I was glad to help in anyway possible.
Johnie- How has the Coranavirus altered your daily routine ? 
Parker- Quite a bit honestly, I’ve recently gotten a summer job and I no longer see my friends everyday.
Johnie- What is your best basketball and football memory?
Parker- My favorite basketball memory would probably be driving to summer shootouts with Coach Burke and Bo and Nate everytime, we would always “call” riding with Coach Burke. As for football, it is hard to pick a favorite memory after playing it with my best friends for my whole life and having so much success. I will say that one of my favorite things was that we never had a miserable practice or game, we always found a way to make it a good time and just be loose with it all.
Johnie- Why was your class so successful?
Parker- I believe that my class was so successful because we were all very close knit fiends and we were all willing to put the team first before ourselves, and obviously a lot of talent helped.
Johnie- What are your hobbies?
Parker- I enjoy spending time with my friends and listening to music, I spend time watching as many old movies as I can, and I also spend time playing video games with friends .
Johnie- How has the loss in the championship game effected you? 
Parker-The loss in that state championship this past year was the most painful loss of my life, I think if you ask any one of my teammates they will all tell you that we could’ve won that game. I’ll always look back and wish I could’ve won that state championship that me and my friends would talk about our whole lives, but I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity to play in such a big game with my friends and represent our town at such a high level.
Johnie- What are your future plans?
Parker- I don’t have much of a solidified plan for a career at this point, but I can tell you that I would love to grow up and raise a family in Lincoln, and it would be an honor to come back and help and coach in the Lincoln football program.”
So, now we all know more about Parker and his tremendous mindset. We wish him the very best.