Marina Remains Resilient In Spite Of Historic Flood

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Corps of Engineers campgrounds are closed and many marinas are underwater on Truman Lake, so it is amazing that Truman State Park Marina is still able to operate, though on a limited basis. Many boating enthusiasts and fishermen have been flocking to its campgrounds after their previous reservations at other venues were cancelled because of flooding.
“We are shuttling people to their boats and are renting pontoons and fishing boats as well as overnight slips,” said Rick Gladson, co-owner (with Lisa Garrison) of Truman State Park Marina. “Our marina has campgrounds on high ground, and we have a convenience store with snacks and sandwiches. A lot of people are happy to find us operating, and they are catching a lot of fish including crappie and catfish. People are having fun doing some swimming and tubing too. Truman State Park is also offering entertainment at the amphitheater for those who are visiting or staying in the park. The lake appears to be pretty safe. There are some things floating, but there have not been any mishaps.”
Lisa Garrison said that as of Friday, June 7, the lake was maintaining its level, but it needed to recede about three or four feet before the restrooms, ramps, and gas would be accessible. Truman State Park Marina’s electricity is working because it is installed on high ground. On Monday, June 10, she said that the marina had a busy weekend and rented all of their boats.  The lake had dropped a little and it was hoped that normal operations would be up and running by July 4.
Lisa and Rick bought the marina last September and expectations were that they would have a good season in the spring and summer. Rick said that he was an electrical engineer and Lisa was a corporate trainer for Bass Pro before buying the marina. They had always enjoyed being on the lake and Rick said he used to rent slips in the 1980s from the parents of the previous owners. He said he and Lisa had a cabin too. When their last kid graduated from high school, they decided it was good time to go into the marina business.
“We are doing everything we can to stay open and give people the opportunity to have fun,” said Rick.
The June 7 report of the Dam from Benton County Emergency Management was as follows.  Lake level was at 739.38 and dropping slightly. There was to be releases of water from the dam of 25,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) on June 8 and 9, increasing to 50,000 cfs June 10, and 60,000 cfs on June 11. The releases were temporarily reduced over the weekend because of river conditions at Hermann.  It was advised that dam releases would increase the level of water and current on Lake of the Ozarks, and that docks, boats and personal property on or near the water should be secured