New Athletic Banners Bring Renewed Pride To WHS

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
The pride of any high school gym are the athletic banners that are usually hung high among the rafters. From there you travel down memory lane reminiscing about all of the  conference, district and state championships won by their sports teams. Warsaw is no different. When you walk into the gym you will see the state championship football team's pictures and banners. 
Also, the softball team state championship and pictures of legendary Warsaw Coach Randy Morrow  and Jeremy Eierman’s Gatorade jersey, just to name a few.
Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Ryan Boyer and Coach Nolan were busy this week taking down the old banners and painting the walls of the gym. Coach Boyer commented, “The maintenance crew does enough and so we thought we would help them out by painting the gym.”
The old banners are being replaced. “With the new conference, we thought we needed to replace the old banners. Not sure what we will do with them right now. One thing is that they will not be thrown away. They are still in great shape,” Boyer said.
Some of the banners are filled up or have large lettering that takes up the whole banner leaving no room for additions. By the way, if someone knows of a mistake on one of the old banners or if something was left out,  please let Coach Boyer know.
The passed bond issue allowed the school to make several improvements to the school and to the football field. Some of the work will not be completed until 2021.
There was a reunion last year of the first football team and WHS had their first alumni basketball game, so the school is taking a renewed pride in their athletic program. With that, hopefully comes a renew interested from the students of Warsaw’s past and instills their hope for the future.
The key is for the kids to have fun and the memories of winning are more fun than the memories of losing.
As the BCE reported last week, the kids are working hard this summer on traveling teams and in the weight room. Senior football player, Zach Chapman said, “We are tired of losing to schools that we should beat.”
Most of the smaller public schools have their ups and downs. Coaches come and go. A good class of athletes come through and then they graduate and you rebuild.
It is no secret that the softball team has a chance at the final four. The volleyball team has a new coach. The wrestling team has a new coach and have several kids that want to win a state championship. The cross county team has a state champion. The track team has several outstanding individuals. The baseball team has several kids playing hard in the summer. The archery team did well last year. The girls basketball team hopes to improve  over last season and the boys are hoping to rebuild.
 In any event, positive things are happening at WHS in the way of the sports program and when you walk into the gym,  take a look around because things have been renewed.