New Business Focuses On Latest Health Trend

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Hydration IVs that bring water, vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream to boost immunity and improve overall health and wellness are now available via house calls. Other treatments, including vitamin B12 injections are also offered by a new medical business entitled “Optimize Hydration” that serves patients in their homes, office, hotel or other convenient locations. Licensed and insured medical staff  are also available for special events. The business started in the Truman Lake/Ozarks area in December 2018 by CEO Rob Coskey, and Medical Director, Dr. Jamie Thompson.
In addition to his new business, Coskey works as a paramedic in emergency medical services, and in the emergency room at a small hospital in Appleton City, Missouri. Dr. Thompson is a physician who practices in Osage Beach in addition to serving as Optimize Hydration’s medical director. There is also a staff of nurses who travel to patients where they live or work.
“This type of convenient medical service is kicking off in the west,” said Coskey, “and is also available in Kansas City. It is like an urgent medical facility. We provide a Friday mobile clinic, and also offer a VIP concierge service for those who want to pay a yearly fee or retainer in order to have a more timely access to a physician. We already have some high profile clients, and have helped artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus. We go to sporting events and have covered motorcycle racing Team Red Bull and Team Ducati. We also provided medical support for the Pikes Peak International Climb (where anything with wheels raced).  We are presently trying to partner with the International Olympic Committee.”
Coskey said that visits are coordinated by the medical director, and patients do not have to leave their homes to navigate traffic, bad weather, or sit in a waiting room for treatment. It is especially convenient for someone who doesn’t feel well to begin with, and would rather be seen at home. Coskey said that although Optimize Hydration does not take insurance, the medical services offered are much cheaper than what one might pay at an emergency room. He said that the vitamin B12 injections are available for a flat fee of $19, and hydration IVs and other treatments never cost more than $99 in cash, credit card or check. 
“Vitamin B12 supplements don’t work because they are water soluble and leave the body through urination,” said Coskey. “The B12 injections will last for three or four weeks and can help improve allergy symptoms, memory and awareness, metabolism and energy. The injections are particularly helpful to senior citizens who have weaker immune systems. I recommend getting a vitamin B12 injection every month.”
Coskey said that he likes to give back to the community, and currently serves as President of the City of Warsaw Parks Board. He also mentioned that he is involved in girl’s softball.