New Dentist Has Ties To The Area

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Dr. Teresa Hill joined Dr. Patrick Lancaster and Dr. Trey Kalbaugh at Truman Lake Dental in June. She has 20 years experience in general dentistry, plus close to 16 years as a certified Dental Assistant, Registered Dental Hygienist and Clinical Instructor/Dental Hygiene Students. She has a private practice in Platte City, Missouri, and sees patients at Truman Lake Dental on Fridays.
Dr. Hill was motivated to practice general dentistry in Warsaw, because she likes the small town feel, and gets to visit with her daughter who lives in the area. She stepped into an opening at Truman Lake Dental after Dr. Brenda Herrman retired after 30 years of dentistry in May. She foresees a time in the future where she may want to move closer to the local area since her son also has a connection to the lake and she would get to see more of him too. 
“Dr. Lancaster and I have a lot of similar philosophies in the way we practice dentistry and in general,” said Dr. Hill. “His office is bigger than my private practice with more operatories, but we both care about our patients. I do a little bit of everything in general dentistry, but one of my favorite services is fixing someone’s smile, giving that person more confidence and self esteem.”
Dr. Hill said that when she graduated from North Kansas City High School in 1981, she went to college for a year, and then decided to work. She went to a job placement office to take aptitude tests and was told that she would do well in the field of dentistry. She went to Penn Valley Community College and earned an Associates of Applied Sciences and liked the idea of dental work, but thought it would be too difficult to become a dentist. She trained to be a dental hygienist and decided later that it was probably harder than dental surgery training. She started her dental career as a Certified Dental Assistant, and then furthered her education to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. After eight years in her career she decided to go to dental school at University of Missouri-Kansas City where she earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1999. She began private practice with an associate at Platte Valley Dental Care in that same year, and began her present private practice at Hills Family Dental in 2009. 
She has been enthusiastic about providing dentistry to those in her community who are under served. She took part in Reachout America Mobile Dentistry in 2008 and 2009, was part of Area Community Health Emissaries from 2008 to 2010; and served with The Smile Clinic from 20ll to 2014. She said that she particularly likes working with kids. 
Dr. Hill has been involved in Dentistry performed on orphaned children in Venezuela, took part in a forensic dentistry project in her senior year in college, oversaw dental students in a public health setting and more recently has opened her dental office once a year to those who otherwise could not have dental work performed. 
She has served on many boards or as a member in community organizations. A portion of those include the Platte City Chamber of Commerce, Platte County R-III Booster Club, and Platte County Health Department. And, she is a member of numerous professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association and the National Association of Professional Women. She consistently meets continuing education requirements for the State of Missouri to keep in good standing with the Missouri dental board.