North Principal Set For New Role As R-IV Superintendent

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
After two years as the Warsaw North School principal, Caleb Petet has accepted a position as Superintendent of the Climax Springs School district for the 2020-2021 school year.
Petet  has been a principal for five years.  His first position in administration was with the Climax Springs School District as the principal for grades K through 12.  He left Climax to take a position in his hometown of Concordia.  After a call from Warsaw Superintendent Shawn Poyser, Petet came back to the lake area to become North School principal.
“My family loves this area,” said Petet.  “We’ve made so many good friends in this area it was hard to leave Climax to go back to Concordia.  I thought though we were going back to Concordia to stay; however, when this position became available we decided to come back to the lake.”
The present Climax Springs Superintendent Nathan Barb is retiring so the position was offered to Petet.
“I thought I would remain as principal for a few more years, but when the position became available I decided it was time to take on new responsibilities,” said Petet.  “It was a hard decision because I have a great staff and  I love working with kids and impacting the teaching and learning for our students and teachers.”
Petet reflected on the progress North School has made during his tenure.
“Our staff at North has worked hard to implement our new curriculum and help our students to improve,” said Petet.  “I plan to work hard every day until I leave to make sure I leave North School better than it was.”
Petet and his wife Rebecca plan to continue living in Warsaw after he takes over as the Climax Springs superintendent.
“We love Warsaw and we don’t want to move again,” said Petet. 
The Petets are the parents of two children, Bellamy who is 5 and Henry who is 2.
Petet comes from a family of educators.  His younger brother and he are both in education as well as his great aunt.
“Education is the place where you can make a difference in a child’s life,” said Petet.
Petet says he is thankful to the staff at North Elementary who have been an incredible staff with which to work.
“I love the parents and students of North Elementary,” said Petet.  “They are the reason this was a difficult decision.”
Petet also appreciated the support from Dr. Poyser and the administration of the Warsaw R-9 School District.
Petet is optimistic about the future of the Climax Springs School District.
“The Climax Springs School District is presently building on four classrooms as well as considering going to the four day school week,” said Petet.
Petet will face new challenges as he approaches the superintendent position on July 1.