Predict The President: Will Area Voters Choose Trump Or Biden?

Joyce Coates
By the time readers pick up this week’s Enterprise, the first Presidential debate will have been held between the incumbent Donald Trump and his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden. While some pundits suggested the debate might not happen, and others preferred that it would not, the polls go on, and the numbers for each candidate move up and down with every new bit of “Breaking News.” 
Such is the case with some of the latest headlines. Democrats have mobilized to oppose the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, claiming it is too close to the time of the election that should give Biden the right to choose a nominee if he should be the winner. 
At the same time, print and broadcast news is abuzz over the New York Times report that for years Trump paid little to no federal taxes, a claim he denies. One former Watergate prosecutor declared that Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka could well go to prison for tax fraud after the president leaves office.
Republicans point to the riots, lootings and attacks and killings of police in Democrat-run cities that have continued for months, and a Senate report on Biden’s son Hunter’s billions of dollars gained from relationships he established in China and Ukraine when accompanying his father on trips to each when his father was vice president. 
President Trump wants China held responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic; some Democrats claim the president’s failures during the pandemic cost thousands of lost lives. 
Through it all, CNN’s poll numbers, averaged among all polltakers as of Monday, 9/28/2020, show Biden at 51 percent over Trump’s 45 percent. Rasmussen’s weekly poll as of Wednesday, 9/23/2020, showed Biden at 48 percent versus 47 percent for Trump.  Fine print on CNN’s website noted that poll numbers represent likely popular vote, not final electoral college numbers. 
Nearly 75 percent of the 9636 votes for all presidential candidates in the November 2016 presidential election went to Donald Trump, more than 3.5 to 1 over votes cast for Hillary Clinton. Substantially fewer votes, 2757, were cast in the 2020 presidential primary held on March 10. In that election, for every vote for Joe Biden, 1.8 votes went to Donald Trump. 
Nationwide, around 2 percent of likely voters say they are uncommitted. Results of the March 2020 primary showed 1 percent of voters in Benton County were uncommitted. 
A few residents willing to comment were asked to predict who they believe will win the presidential election. One who identified himself as “a moderate Democrat, as is Joe Biden,” said he is not a “liberal” or “progressive.” “And it is my fervent hope that he [Biden] will restore dignity to the office.” Biden’s voting record as a senator earned him the ‘moderate’ label, yet on July 28 he said that if he is elected and his detailed economic plan passes, he is “good to go down as the most progressive president in U.S. history” (
Input from Benton County Democrats (BCD) explains their view of issues they believe concern both parties: the economy, the pandemic and national security. The stock market indicates a strong economy but few working families own stock; rather, the unemployment rate shows a poor economy no better than it was 4 years ago. On the pandemic, Trump has 35 percent approval. He failed to heed expert advice; 20 percent of COVID deaths worldwide have occurred in the U.S. National security has suffered because of deference shown authoritarian leaders like Erdogan of Turkey and Putin of Russia. Trump has not honored international agreements by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iran Nuclear Deal. 
BCD describes “frequent demonstrations, including some rioting in protest of actions of police officers” as a first amendment issue. Peaceful protests create awareness of inequities and bring about positive change. Unrest is a symptom of a problem that must be addressed. 
About the police, Biden said on July 8, 2020, that “absolutely” he agrees with “redirecting” money from police ( ppoUCQLSXFEBCD). BCD clarifies that Biden stated that he does not want to “defund the police.” Further, as to the Second Amendment, BCD states that neither the majority of Democrats nor Biden and Harris want to take away people’s guns.
Taking nothing for granted with Biden’s nationwide 8-point lead, but same-size gap between him and Trump in Missouri, BCD continues to work hard to elect Biden/Harris who they believe will begin immediately to repair the division gripping the country and tearing it apart.
Then again, there are opposing views. One Trump supporter said the world is pretty crazy right now, but she is “sure Trump will make it. I don’t think Biden can do it.” 
Likewise, Zona Woodard of Warsaw, doesn’t trust the polls because of the media. She said the current atmosphere in the country makes her a little scared, but she hopes Trump will win. “He helped the country, and I think he can get us back on track.”
The Benton County Republican Women’s Club (BCRWC) weighed in as well. “We are looking forward to another 4 year term of our President and Vice President. We feel President Trump’s administration has accomplished all he has promised and so much more. The enthusiasm in our County for our President is evident by the support we see displayed all along our highways and city streets. We are honored to be a part of that with the success of our Republican Headquarters in downtown Warsaw.”