Reflections Of A College Athlete Dealing With The Loss Of His Season

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
With the NCAA canceling the rest of the college season in wake of the Coronavirus, college athletes all across the country are having to deal with the reality of it all.
I caught up with Lincoln graduate Corbin Reese, who is in his second year at Southwest Baptist in Bolivar. The 6'4" lanky southpaw was red-shirted last season. Reese could be a diamond in the rough as they say that some of the bigger schools might have overlooked. Time will tell, but for right now he is in limbo awaiting for next year along with all of his fellow teammates. Below is our interview.
JL- How do you feel about your season being canceled?
CR- It’s difficult to work all fall for this season and have it taken away. I understand that the safety of everyone comes first, but it’s still frustrating to work for so long and get the season taken from me and my teammates.
JL- Will you get your sophomore year back?
CB-As of right now, the only people who will get an extra year are the seniors. The NCAA said this was so the seniors could get a full last year and so there’s not a large group of classes for the next 4+ years.
JL- How many games did you play this season?
CR- We only played 18 games this year and I got in a few of them in relief. Our midweek double headers were the week after spring break and that’s when lots of young pitchers find their innings.
JL- What has been your biggest learning experience in college so far?
CR- Probably having to learn how to pitch in a very hitter friendly park. The wind always blows out and you have to keep every pitch down or a good hitter will make you pay for it.
JL- What is the overall feeling of your teammates right now?
CR- As a team we really feel for our seniors who might not get to come back and upperclassmen who just lost their junior year. We wish we could finish our season because we’ve worked for months to get to this point and we had high hopes coming into conference play.
JL- What will you do with the rest of your time?
CR- Since our season is cancelled I spoke with my coach and decided that the best thing for me would be to treat this like an extended offseason and continue to work on my velocity, movement and my breaking ball so I can fill the role we’ve talked about coming into  next year. I’ll make the most out of this situation and work hard for myself and my team.”
With that, we wish Corbin and all of the athletes our very best.