Rodeo Brings Out Bountiful Bricolage

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Rodeo fans filled the arena for the Twenty-seventh Annual Benton County Rodeo on July 6 and 7.
Bethany Tye was crowned Benton County Rodeo Queen. Madi Glor was crowned Rodeo Princess and Riley Nevius was crowned as the Little Miss of the Rodeo.  Rodeo Scholarship winners were C. J. Parks and Madi Glor.
According to Rodeo volunteer Erin Kellner, both nights of the rodeo had great attendance but on Saturday night it was standing room only.
In Steer Wrestling the winner was Tyler Mann with a time of 5.5 and winnings of $338.40.  Dylan Schibi came in second with a time of 6.1 and winnings of $225.60.
In Girls’ Barrel racing, Jeni Ray came in first with a time of 16.863 and winnings of $599.72; Gina Elam had a time of 16.868, winnings of $496.32; Jessica Pratt had a time of 17.088, winnings of $392.92; Brittney Adams had a time of 17.100, winnings of $289.52; Jill Roufs had a time of 17.112, winnings of $186.12; Megan McKellips had a time of 17.115, winnings of 103.40.
In Team Roping, Colter LaRue and Doyle Scrivner had a time of 6.5 and winnnings of $690.90 each; Corey Gibbens and Brady Hagler had a time of 6.6 and winnings of $575.75 each; Jason Arndt and Chad Kimbrough had a time of 6.7 and winnings of $460.60 each; Logan Allen and Jimmie Allen had a time of 7.6 and winnings of $345.45 each; Jake Kraus and J. Kraus had a time of 8.6 and winnings of $230.30 each.
In Breakaway Roping Jacoby Hotsenpiller had a time of 2.1 and winnings of $477.85; Kandy Abernathy had a time of 2.3 and winnings of $353.68; Jaice Cross had a time of 2.3 and winnings of $353.68; Kelsey Reichert had a time of 2.7 and winnings of $230.30; Kaitlyn Kraus, Lindsey Kraus had a time of 2.9 and winnings of $57.58 each; Taylor Jilek and Stacey Kenyon had a time of 2.9 and winnings of $57.58 each.
In Saddle Broncs, Brad Williams had a score of 73 and winnings of $293.28; Chase Bagriel had a score of 71 and winnings of $195.52.
In Bull Riding, Ty Birky had a score of 78 and winnings of $827.20.
In Calf Roping Paul Shafer had a time of 9.4 and winnings of $470; Gregg Ash had a time of 9.5 and winnings of $362.50; Wenten Reiter had a time of 9.9 and winnings of $235; West Durfey had a time of 10 and winnings of $117.50.
In Over 40 Calf Roping, Greg Gentry had a time of 11.6 and winnings of $413.60; Dustin Jilek had a time of 12 and winnings of $310.20.
 In Barebacks, Dillion Young, Ty Blessing and Kenneth Glick each had a score of 71 and each won $209.93.