Rodeo Rides On!

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
Despite the Pandemic and a change in date, the Twenty-ninth Annual Benton County Rodeo sponsored by the Shawnee Masonic Lodge #653 went off without a hitch on September 4 and 5. 
Madi Glor of Cross Timbers was crowned the Benton County Rodeo Queen on Saturday night.  Savanna Winkler of Lincoln was crowned Princess and Daylen Winkler of Lincoln was crowned as the Little Miss of the Rodeo.  Both Winkler girls were also the scholarship winners of $200 each for selling the most rodeo tickets.
According to Rodeo volunteer Eryn Kellner, both nights of the rodeo had great attendance.  “We were very pleased that attendance was the best we’d ever had,” said Kellner.  “I think the cooler weather and the visitors to the area for Labor Day helped.”
According to Kellner there were also more participants in the rodeo this year.
“With so many rodeos cancelling because of the Pandemic, the cowboys and cowgirls were eager to participate,” said Kellner.
In the Bareback division (five entries), the results included: first place, Jobe Dunlevey, 80 points, $310.20; second place, Ty Blessing, 75 points, $103.40; third place, Quintonn Lunsford, 75 points, $103.40.
Saddle Bronc (five entries):  first place, Cable Wareham, 75 points, $310.20; second place, Ty Pope, 73 points, $206.80.
Bull Riding (five entries):  first place Tanner Charles, 73 points, $517.
Open Calf Roping (32 entries):  first place, Dustin Jilek and Lane Watson, 8.4, $465.30 each; third place, Gregg Ash, 9, $338.40; fourth place, Shane Wesley, 9.2, $253.80; fifth place, Tevor Naylor and Trey Johnson, 9.3, $84.60 each.
Over 40 Calf Roping (17 entries):  first place, Jason Arndt, 10, $394.80; second place Tim Kraus and Jeff Kolbe, 10.2, $246.75 each; fourth place, Drew Clark, 10.3, $98.70.
Steer Wrestling (16 entries), first place, Fenton Nelson, 4.1, $470; second place, Austin Schneider, 5.0, $282; third place Jeb Nelson, 5.5, $188.
Barrels (32 entries):  first place Lacinda Rose, 16.889, $490.68; second place, Mary Brooks, 17.015, $406.08; third place, Madison Book, 17.043, $321.48; fourth place, Bailee Russell, 17.206, $236.88; fifth place, Bailey Stuva, 17.225, $152.28; sixth place, Taya Ridieger, 17.26; $84.60.
Breakaway (53 entries):  first place, Taylor Jilek, 2.7, $696.54: second place, Jaci Traul, 2.9, $535.80; third place, Taylor Mason, Jeanette Jilek, Rylie McMurry, 3.1, $$330.41 each; sixth place, Lindsey Krau, Sadie Biggs, Morgan Osborne, Jaron Thebeau, 3.3, $113.86 each.
Team Roping, (40 teams):  first place, Rayden Emmett/Sam Kieffer, 5, $902.40 each; second place, Brandon Vaske/Linden Stueve, 5.5, $752 each; third place, Brent Mibb/Griffin Passmore, 5.8, $602.60 each; fourth place, David Walker/Cooper Freeman, 5.9, $451.20 each; fifth place, David Kenyon/Nathan Enyart, 6.2; $300.80 each.
Rodeo committee treasurer Weston Miller was pleased with the turnout for the rodeo.
“Labor Day weekend was a good time for the rodeo because visitors to the lake were looking for something to do in the evening,” said Miller.  “We are discussing the idea of moving the rodeo to Labor Day next year as well.  It really depends on whether the stock contractor has that weekend available.”
C. R. McKellips Rodeo, Inc. supplied the stock for the Benton County Rodeo.