Steve Daleske Declares Candidacy For Benton County Commissioner

Judy Kramer
County Reporter
Steve Daleske has announced that he will run for the office of Benton County Presiding Commissioner in the August 7th primary election. Daleske previously served as South Side County Commissioner from 2012 until 2016. The first day of Candidate Filing for the Primary Election is February 27.
During Daleske’s previous term as a commissioner, he found himself multi-tasking many projects, along with his fellow commissioners. Included in these projects was the construction of the county’s maintenance shed after a major fire destroyed it.  There was also a bridge replacement and road realignment on Raven, south of Frisco; and construction of two other small bridges. 
“We also handled a Federal Land Access Program (FLAP) grant, cooperating and coordinating with the City of Warsaw,” said Daleske. “Our part was road overlaying. During my term, we had some major damage from floods and took care of repairs which totaled a half-a-million dollars in FEMA reimbursement funds that continued to trickle in up until 2017.”
If elected to the office of Presiding Commissioner, Daleske will work to keep the county financially sound, while still moving forward, not only with infrastructure but the needs of the whole county. He wants to work with all the cities in the county and open up lines of communication with all people. He is acquainted with the maintenance and operation of county equipment, and will get input from other commissioners in an effort to use the dollar “as best we can.”
“I want to move the county in a forward direction,” said Daleske. “Not just for the four years of my term, but for five, ten, and 15 years ahead. Down the road we will have upswings and downswings and we need a plan of action in place so we can address each situation. The almighty dollar only goes so far, even though the county has needs that far surpass those amounts. We need to work with what we have and keep moving forward. Not all of our ideas pan out, but you have to keep trying.”
Daleske moved to Warsaw in the early 1980s and graduated from Warsaw High School. He also attended State Fair Community College, taking vocational-technical courses, and belonged to the State Fair Chapter of Future Farmers of America. He runs a farm on Route MM, and previously worked 25 years as a Sedalia fire fighter. He also served as a Reserve Warsaw Police Officer for about five years. During his days off, he worked in residential and commercial construction. He is currently a member of the Benton County Cattlemen’s Association, the NRA, International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), and is president of the Farmer’s Mutual Insurance Company Board.