Top Ranked Lincoln Beats Sweet Springs With Outstanding Passing Game

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
For a moment, forget Tinkers to Evers to Chance. Instead, remember the combination of Beaman to Kroenke. Sweet Springs tasted it five times for touchdowns on Friday night at Lincoln. The number one ranked Class One team in the state, the Lincoln Cardinals, defeated Sweet Springs 49-12.
While they are not totally without flaws just yet, if you take away one element of their game, they will beat you with the other. Two weeks ago, they couldn’t pass against Windsor so they ran the ball. Last week, Sweet Springs slowed down their running game so they went to the air time and time again.
With 6:07 on the clock in the first, QB Jackson Beaman threaded the seams and Bo Kroenke scooped up the pass for a thing of beauty and outran his defenders for a 26 yard T.D. Devon Parrott nailed the PAT and it was 7-0.
As time was winding down in the first quarter, Jackson would hit Kroenke again. This time for 72 yards as Kroenke raced down the field, though the end zone, past the walkway and stopped just short of crashing into the chain length fence at the end of the field. His momentum saw him grab the fence with one hand while holding the ball over the fence with the other.
It was 14-0 with the PAT but not for long as Lincoln fumbled the ball and gave life to Sweet Springs as running back Cole Lovercamp scored to make it 14-6.
It was then time for the best blocking back in the area, Parker Engles, to run in from 12 yards out and it quickly 21-6. 
Lincoln would fumble again and QB Hunter Sims hit Lovercamp for a 38 yard TD.
The magic arm of Beaman would find Kroenke again at 2:06 for an eight yard TD. It was 28-12 at half.
With all eyes on Kroenke, Beaman nailed Nate Hesse for a TD and it was 35-12. Hesse fell on a tackler at the goal line and rolled into the end zone.
Then on a play that fans will be talking about for a long time, Beaman picked up a bad snap at the 15 and somehow while scrambling he hit Kroenke on the run for a 62 yard TD. Lineman Tanner Bays ran down the field and made a nice block to free Kroenke for the long run. Now it was 42-12.
With nine minutes left in the game, Beaman would find Kroenke one more time to get the Mercy Rule going to make it 49-12 from 35 yards out.
Naturally, the two put up some amazing numbers. Beaman was 25-41 for 465 yards passing and 11-38 rushing. He had six passing TD’s.
Kroenke was 14-327 yards receiving with five TD’s. Parrott was 7-7 kicking PAT’s.
Kroenke commented about Beaman, “We have been playing together since youth football. So we know each other well. Once we find a groove, we ride it out.” They rode it out last Friday.
The Cardinals travel to Tipton this Friday.