Vandal Heaps Havoc Across Benton County

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
 Numerous smashed windows greeted Warsaw Main Street merchants as they arrived for work on Friday morning.   Tracy Spry Accounting’s side glass door had been broken as well as windows at the Enterprise, Mike Murrary Agency, and C. S. Lee Guitars/Cool Stuff.
Further investigation by the Warsaw Police Department and the Benton County Sheriff’s Department, revealed damage at the homes of Bill and Debbi Bunch and Joe and Julie Bunch.
According to Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox, a report from a witness led to the arrest of Bradley Martin, 49, of Lincoln, for the destruction of property.
Martin was arrested in Camden County and returned to Benton County.  Martin is being held in the Pettis County Jail on a $100,000 bond.
Martin is facing charges of felony property damage as well as second degree burglary.
Knox reported that the damage appears to be targeting members of Martin’s family and family friends.
Martin is also facing numerous charges in Lincoln as he was in an altercation with his neighbor on Main Street in Lincoln on Friday as well.  He will face charges of trespassing, peace disturbance and assault.
According to Lincoln Police Chief Bob Greene, Bradley Martin of 816 East Main in Lincoln became involved in an argument with his neighbor.  When the neighbor asked him to leave his property, Martin became violent and pushed the man.  The man called the Lincoln police department and Martin was arrested.