Veggies On Wheels! Zucchini Are Transformed Into Race Cars

Anita Campbell
County Reporter
 On an unusually comfortable summer evening, there was a good crowd in downtown Cole Camp for the Twelfth Annual Zucchini Race on Saturday, July 21.
Well-known former Cole Camp High School basketball coach Robert Farrington announced the event and provided interesting commentary. 
All sizes of decorated zucchini were on display before the event.  The rules for the races required that the axle had to pass through the body of the zucchini.  The maximum width of the race zucchini was 12 inches due to race track restrictions.
In the Six and Under Youth Division, McKinley Brandis of Cole Camp won first place. Jackson Treece of Lincoln took second place and T. J. Vogel of Cole Camp won third.
In the Seven to Fourteen Youth Division, Desmond Caldwell of Sedalia took first place.  Madison Paxson of Cole Camp won second place and Rhett Harms of Cole Camp won third palce.
In the Adult Division, Tim Harms of Lincoln won first place.  Ethan Paxson of Cole Camp won second and Shawn Yager of Cole Camp won third place.
Lee Ann Rammel of Cole Camp won first place for Best Zucchini dish with her Zucchini Quiche.
Grace Harms of Cole Camp won first place for the Biggest Zucchini, 9 pounds 6 ounces.
Miranda Gerken of Cole Camp won the Best Decorated Zucchini.
The Overall Winner of the Zucchini Race was McKinley Brandis of Cole Camp, who had the fastest zucchini of all.