Warsaw Adopts $4 Million Plus 2019 Budget

Homer May
County Reporter
Under new business Monday eve Dec. 17, and after lengthy discussion and a short executive session, Warsaw Alderpersons adopted a 2019 budget slightly more than $4 million, a bit down from 2018. City Administrator Randy Pogue, when discussing that budget, noted it reflects current water rates, which may have to be revised early next year to meet related long term debt. He added that sales tax receipts are up, and projected about a 10 % increase in liability and property insurance rates next year, but not a health insurance raise. The budget, as passed will be subject to early review in 2019. Much of the budget discussion concerned ways to increase revenues. As is usual in these meetings, City departments, boards and commissions furnished reports; and most reports figured into the group’s overall discussion of the 2019 budget.    
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Terry Marshall Sr., Eric Flores, Lou Breshesars, Eric Masoner, Dave Williams present. Alderman Adam Howe was absent. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First business conducted was to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of a previous meeting, then agree to pay bills presented.
There was no old business, so discussion moved into new business. Two ordinances were approved: (1) Accepting a gift of what was referred to as the “McCannon property,” located at 108 E. Jefferson St. and (2) Authorizing the Mayor to execute a contract between the City and SMI-CO Construction for a $375,958 contract for a new main effluent lift station. The old main lift station will remain in service to handle overflow events such as rainy periods. The group also discussed a proposal by the Corps of Engineers, that the City assume control of the E. Bledsoe fishing docks in the dead water area below Truman Dam, but the group expressed no interest in that proposal.
And in other business, the group voted to reduce all local business owners’ competitive advantage, when bidding on City purchases, to 2 percent, from the former higher rate. An earlier proposal to reduce local firms’ bidding advantage to -0- percent was shot down. The reasons given for the eventual change were that the City has an obligation to its citizens to efficiently use taxpayer funds; also, at the former higher competitive advantage given to local business, outside firms, knowing the bidding disadvantage they faced, sometimes refused to submit bids.
The meeting closed about 7:50 PM. Next public meeting is presently scheduled for Jan. 7. Visitors are welcome, but check with City Offices (660-438-5522) for updated information.