Warsaw Board Reacts To Cemetery Vandalism

Homer May
County Reporter
 In late session, Monday eve May 21, Warsaw Alderpersons discussed recent vandalism at the City Cemetery, where numerous gravestones were pushed over, and some destroyed. Alderman Dave Williams said this is the 5th or 6th time such desecration has occurred in his many years here; Alderman Eric Masoner said he would head an effort to identify graves of deceased persons whose gravestones had been toppled, and he thought, with cooperation of Reser Funeral Home, some other presently unidentified gravesites might also be identified. This Board has agreed to repair damage, and may increase the reward for identification of persons responsible for damage.
The meeting opened at 6 PM, with Alderpersons Eric Flores, Masoner, Williams, Terry Marshall Sr., Adam Howe, Lou Breshears present. Mayor Eddie Simons presided; City Clerk Jessica Kendall recorded. First actions taken were to approve the evening’s agenda and minutes of the May 7 meeting, then agree to payment of bills presented. Visitor Rosemary McMahan requested approval to conduct geocaching operations at the City Cemetery. She explained that geocaching is generally an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches,” at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. She asked the group to allow placement of a geocache in that recently vandalized Warsaw Cemetery, explaining that those who participate in such activity receive premiums for successful location of caches; adding that she already has a cache at the Warsaw Library. Finally, McMahan said participants usually learn something about the history of a site where a cache is hidden. After some hesitation because of security concerns, Alderpersons approved the venture.
Under new business, the group then considered an ordinance which would allow fishing only in designated areas in or near Drake Harbor, but postponed further discussion to the next meeting, pending identification of those areas where fishing will be allowed. The concern about this matter is based on a recent accident, during which a fisherman’s weight struck a pedestrian. Following, City Clerk Kendall was appointed, with her permission, to the City’s Tourism Board.
In late session, People Service Manager Mark Breshears reported that recent heavy rains have presented a problem with water backed up in sewer lines. City lift stations are part of the problem, but property owners are the cause of most of the infiltration problem caused by such heavy rains. The City will prepare a letter to owners of problem properties, advising them to fix those problems within a reasonable period. The matter will be discussed at next meeting. Other City departments, boards and commissions were received without comments by this group.
The open session was closed about 6:30 PM, to go into executive session. The open meetings are usually held on 1st and 3rd Monday eves; visitors are welcome.