Warsaw Lady Cats Prepare For Season Amid High Expectations

Johnie J. Logue
Enterprise Staff
They have heard the talk, they have seen the polls and they know the expectations. It has been a joyful ride watching them play and win game after game. However the season ends, however the chips may fall, we hope the song rings true that says, “We hope you had the time of your life.”
Head Coach Steve Larson returns for his 13th season. Dennis Larson for his sixth and Kelli Eierman for her second. They have added another jewel to the coaching staff in Megan Palmer. She was on the state championship team with Eierman and brings a lot of experience to the program.
The Lady Wildcats are loaded with six top notch seniors and several very good underclassmen. Larson said, "Obviously, my six starting seniors are the key to a successful season. I expect a lot out of Aubrie (McRoberts) and I'm sure I will get her best. Rayni (Simons) will need to get on base, be a table setter, and be an anchor in the outfield."
Both players were all-state a year ago. Simons can fly to the ball and has a strong arm. McRoberts can cover a lot of ground at short.
Kiersten Grobe in right field will be expected to make the plays in the outfield and hit the ball with authority.
Larson commented, "Reagan (Shelby) will be our field general behind the plate, she needs to be a leader on the infield, after all, she is the only player that sees everything that is going on.”
Shelby is a monster at the plate and should have an excellent season. She has a strong arm and can throw out runners and she goes back on a foul ball as well as any catcher around.
Larson continued, (Kya (Schepker's) bat and running speed is huge. She will need to get the job done on every pitch. I  know there is a lot of pressure there and I have all of the faith in the world that my pitchers can rise and meet the challenge head on."
"Payge ( Adair) is battling the injury bug, we will have her bat for sure and I’m sure whatever role she is given, she will give it all she’s got."
Juniors Kylee Fajen and Aspen Whitaker will be huge factors in the overall success of the team. Fajen is their other first class pitcher and if Adair is out then she will be called on for even more innings.
Add Sophomores Taylor Howe at third and Karlie Jones at first and you have a first class infield. The sleeper player is Sophomore Madison Coskey  She played well in summer ball and should help off the bench. Ambri Simons will give them another good outfielder and speed on the bases.
The only things that will beat them are matching up against a very good D-1 pitcher and key injures. In their favor are two huge factors. They have a coach who won a state championship and they have the former pitcher on the sidelines who sealed the deal.
We wish them the very best. Have fun girls and enjoy the season. You can read more about this team in the upcoming issue of the sports edition.